So You Want to Main Chronos | Builds | Counters | Combos & More! (Chronos SMITE Guide)

Destroying enemies never felt so fun! – In this SMITE Guide, we're exploring Greek SMITE Mage Chronos as an ADC/Carry and mid. We'll be covering his abilities, combos, attack cancelling, counters, what not to do, general combat tips and what not to do as Chronos. We'll be going through this from a Conquest perspective but you can easily implement this guide into other game modes such as Assault, Siege, Clash, Arena, Joust etc. I hope this guide has helped you in some way, whether you're a beginner to an advanced player. Leave a comment and like if you've enjoyed the video! Let me know what other Gods you would like to main next, I hope to catch you for the next one! Thank you for supporting me 🙂 ★ Subscribe & click the bell SMITE content! ★ INSTAGRAM:
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Music by Joakim Karud