Simpsons Characters, a sad background

When we look at The Simpsons characters everything seems to be humor and laughter, but we need to realize the background stories. Many of the characters suffer rather sad fates, and analyzing them is good for realizing the criticisms made through them.

If you are interested in knowing the sad stories behind the simpsons characters , here you have them:

# 10 Willie

The gardener Willie is one of the most recurring characters, and also one of those who has worse luck. In addition to working all day, he is discriminated against for being Scottish, and even when his cabin breaks he has nowhere to stay. As we know, he also has arthritis and nothing that will give him security after his retirement.

# 9 Troy McClure

We might think that being an actor does not have such a miserable life, but we must remember that he was famous years ago and no one contracts him anymore than for unknown videos and films. He had to marry Selma to get attention, but neither did this really work.

# 8 The Bumblebee Man

His television work involves being beaten numerous times and not even having a good pay. His wife left him for bad luck and break everything inside the home. Although we all think that it has Spanish origin, it is actually from Belgium, which removes credibility to its character.

# 7 Edna Krabappel

Although she began her career as a teacher with a desire to help the children, she was losing hope a little. During the series it was dedicated to look for husband, with little success until Flanders arrived. His addiction to alcohol and cigar smoking is not at all healthy, and his mood tends to be acidic. No doubt your life is not the most interesting, or the happiest.

# 6 Nelson Muntz

It is not difficult to realize why Nelson became an abusive boy if we look at his family context. As far as we know, his father left the family (at least until they find him) and his mother is promiscuous and alcoholic. Nelson lives on his own without anyone imposing rules on him, but he clearly lacks the love and care of a family.

Top Secondary Simpsons Characters

# 5 Homer

The relationship with his father was never good, and as a child he was treated in an unloving way. His mother abandoned them after a problem with the law and Homer grew up with a man whose best answer was to send him to war if he did something wrong. At the same time, everyone treats him as a fool and his IQ is diminished by a crayon in his brain. His health is no better, and many times he was depressed.

# 4 Barney

Being an alcoholic is a serious problem, but no one seems to help Barney too much. As a young man he was a good student with a future, until the drink arrived. His family does not want him and his friends treat him like one more object in Moe’s bar.

# 3 The Cat’s Woman

Before going crazy, the cat woman became a doctor, then focus on a career in law. Their aim was to prove that women could achieve anything with determination. Unfortunately, he came to drink, became alcoholic, and years later went crazy.

# 2 Kirk Van Houten

Where to start? Kirk has a lousy job, a wife who left him for another man and few friends. He is a man with little luck and nothing seems to turn out right for him.

# 1 Moe

Perhaps the Simpsons characters with the saddest story is Moe, who only has his bar, but to bad luck does not attract too many customers. His bad appearance leads to no woman to go out with him, and the few times he achieves his bad character ruins it. He is in love with Marge, but he is not reciprocal, and we all know that there is nothing worse than an unrequited love. He tried to commit suicide several times, but he never succeeded even in that.