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Raiders of the Broken Planet Guía del juego

Raiders of the Broken Planet Guía del juego

Stuck in the tutorial? No problem. We bring you a guide of Raiders of the broken planet Here we will show you several tips and clues to successfully overcome the different phases of the game. Choose the character that best suits your game and know that you always put yourself in an advantageous position to prevent enemies from surrounding you.

Raiders of the Broken Planet is a science fiction space adventure in which we will play to the control of some of the “Raiders” with their special abilities and their characteristics. The game could be defined as a cooperative shooter with heroes in which another player can be on the opposing side to prevent us from completing the mission successfully.

Raiders of the Broken Planet Guide

Raiders of the Broken Planet Guide – Tips and Tricks for the Noob – The Game

There are several concepts within the game that must be taken into account to overcome the phases correctly. First the stone-paper-scissors system that exists in melee fighting and that allow us to obtain ammunition from the enemies we have defeated in this way. The Q allows us to hit our enemy, With shift we make an avoidance that will take us away from our rival, the avoidance prevents us from beating and will leave our enemy sold in case he has tried to hit us. Finally with the button E we have the grip.

To avoid getting caught we need to make a hit with the Q, but beware, we will not dodge if we want to escape a grab (although instinctively seems the best option when we see that our enemy is loading the grip). Keeping the mind cold and understanding well what action our enemy is doing is paramount when it comes to winning close combat. Finally, the grip will kill our enemy if we succeed in making it the best option if we can catch them unawares using stealth.

Another of the main concepts is stealth, if you look at the HUD of the game we will see a yellow bar with the silhouette of a person in the bar. This bar represents the level of stress of the character, if the bar exceeds the silhouette we will be visible to the enemies behind any surface. Therefore the main thing is to have the bar always below the silhouette, so that every time the bar exceeds the threshold try to hide the time enough for the bar to go down. Once it is down, go back to the action.

Another determining characteristic to understand well what is happening on the screen is the symbol that is above the head of the enemies. There are four states, an empty yellow triangle means that the enemy does not know you are there and it will be easy to surround him and end him with a grip from behind. If the triangle is stuffed it means that the enemy knows we are there but does not see us. It will be more difficult to surprise. Finally if the triangle is red and empty means that our enemy knows perfectly that we are there but is busy attacking another character or doing some action. If this red fill is attacking you so your top priority should be to do away with it.

Guide to Raiders of the Broken Planet -

Raiders of the Broken Planet Guide – Tips and Tricks for the Noob (III)

For the rest, it is important to take advantage of the coverings and always have a free flank to escape our enemies if they try to surround us. Collaboration with other team members is essential to take advantage of contextual menus to ask for help or coordinate to achieve your goals. The notices you have available are OK, I need help, come here and I need ammo.

Finally, it is important to get Aleph to boost your character’s abilities. Only the elite soldiers will allow you to get Aleph, and you will be able to distinguish them by firing them you will see your nervous system shine.

Harec has absolute control over his inner Aleph. At his command, the elemental particles of Aleph recode his body in an ethereal flow that can fly and physically recompose himself wherever he wants. In this way, Harec disappears before its enemies and reappears anywhere near, even on walls and ceilings. This ability does not make Harec invisible, but allows you to wait for your enemies anywhere. To use this skill correctly use corners and raised points to be able to massacre your enemies. If they discover you and you see that your position is very vulnerable it is best that you return to your original state. Harec is a good character at long range, do not let enemies get close and surround you or fall easily.

From the arsenal that humans took to the broken planet, Harec prefers the manual reload sniper rifles. Harec uses the time between the shots to infuse the bullets with Aleph, thus greatly increasing his ability to kill. The stroke of Aleph left by the shots betrays the positions of the shooter, reason why Harec must change of position frequently if it does not want to be located.

Guide to Raiders of the Broken Planet -

How to be the best sniper in Raiders of the Broken Planet

It is important to wait until the shot is loaded to shoot, as it greatly increases its damage and could cause the direct death of its enemies if the shot is deadly. As the main advice always attack the head of your enemies if they are still. If they are in motion and you do not see the clear shot points at your body so that the shot will not be lost in the distance.

Raiders of the broken planet is a team game so try to be vigilant to massacre the enemy player every time he appears and helps your teammates if you see that they are surrounding them. The important thing is that your team feels that their backs are covered thanks to you

His main ability creates a sphere of repulsion around him that expels enemies and keeps them floating within the area of ​​effect of the sphere. This zone will remain in a specific place for a limited period of time, but can be dispersed by firing at its core. After creating this sphere of repulsion, there is a cooling and Konstantin will have to wait a few seconds until he is able to create a new one.

Konstantin used Gatling machine guns with a high rate of fire, supplied continuously by a large ammunition belt. The multi-barrel of the Gatling must rotate at a specific speed to start firing (can be punctuated by turning the trigger without aiming). When the barrel is at its maximum spin speed, it will begin to heat up. If the weapon overheats, its firing speed will slow down and the coverage will be inaccurate.

Guide to Raiders of the Broken Planet -

How to be the best Konstantine in Raiders of the Broken Planet

It is important to be attentive to this mechanic, the main thing is to keep our gun spinning so we can shoot when we need it and be careful not to overheat it as it will leave us totally sold. Your main skill is very useful against groups of enemies that come together from any area and can save the skin to you or to someone of your equipment if you are surrounded by the enemies.

He is a good character to create and maintain defensive positions, very good against the enemies who come face to face with us. Its main counter is how slow it is to move around the stage, which forces us to be near a few points when everything is destroyed if we do not want to die.

Lycus prefers short distances to approach and enjoy the face of terror of its victims. He is a melee fighter by nature, tough and fierce. It has a kinetic shield of variable angle against the enemy fire, that is recharged when running.

Lycus uses short-range shotguns with devastating damage potential. The high dispersion makes the shotgun ideal for short distances, since it does not require real precision. However, the barrel is limited to few cartridges, so you have to constantly recharge. So with this character it is important to take into account the number of shots you can perform before reloading, and how much shield we have left to prevent us from doing excessive damage.

Unlike Konstantin, Lycus is a great character to attack enemy positions, melee is one of the best characters we could have. However, if your shield is recharged running is sometimes a great disadvantage when we must be at a specific point, without having to go running anywhere.

Guide to Raiders of the Broken Planet -

Raiders of the Broken Planet Guide – Tricks for Alice: Assault

Alice has superhuman agility. Its power allows you to make incredible jumps, pushing from the walls to the large viewpoints. He is able to gain considerable height by making several jumps in a row, allowing him to reach places beyond his reach. Once it is in the air, it can slow down its fall by aiming with its weapon, allowing it to spread chaos beneath it. It is very important to master this ability in order to get an effective performance for this character. In addition, your jump allows us to get covered or reach somewhere before routes that other players or characters can not take.


Alicia uses repeat shotguns. The shots also have a wide dispersion, which makes them a marvelous medium-range weapon that does not require much precision but can cause devastating short-range damage. Therefore it is convenient for us to get as close as possible to our enemies before firing. Use your skills to get closer and then use your shotgun to kill them.