Project Cars 2 – How to Win many races

We tell you all the secrets to win races in Project Cars 2 and beat everyone.

1. Use flywheel

The first great tip is that to fully enjoy Project Cars 2 it is essential to have a steering wheel with Force Feedback . It is true that we can play with command and get very realistic feelings, however, the amount of information and level of control over the car that gives you a steering wheel are at a much higher level. In the list of compatible flyers there is a great selection of models and brands and, although there are some with prohibitive prices, the fact is that many of them are really good in relation to quality / price.

The main advantage of the steering wheel is that it allows us to have greater control of the car’s layout, since the control stick is too small to accurately plot a succession of complicated turns or turns. In addition, the pedals also allow us to have a greater touch when accelerating and braking , because when driving is not everything is to accelerate and brake to the maximum, but as the power of cars increases and we remove the aid, it will be more important that we have a delicate touch with the pedals to get very valuable tenths and prevent the car from finishing off the track.

Another reason for weight is the Force Feedback; this system applies resistance to the steering wheel so that we feel more accurately what is happening in the traction of the wheels and in their contact with the asphalt. Thanks to this, we will feel if the car is subverting or overturning, tire adhesion or the force of the pianos, fundamental information to control the same well.

Finally, although there are great players who drive with command, if we enter the online competitions and we want to be competitive, we will have to fly with the steering wheel, because it gives a great advantage over other players. Without a doubt, the steering wheel is an essential peripheral to get the most out of Project Cars 2.

2. Complete the Path mode

The Trajectory mode of Project Cars 2 offers a gradual and very effective learning experience . To begin with, we have three initiation courses (Karts, Touring and Formulas), which will help us to know the sensations of piloting in different categories through vehicles with little power, something that will allow us to get in touch with what will arrive in the future.

Then, the mode is structured in a tree with several categories (Rallycross, Gran Turismo, Supercoches and Formula) , dividing these in turn into several different disciplines. In this way, as we progress in any of the four branches available we will be driving increasingly powerful cars, so that the learning will be progressive and specialized, something really useful.

It is a very common mistake to start in a simulation title driving a 900 hp Ferrari and despairing because we are unable to make two laps without getting off track; so that this does not happen, it is best to start slowly to understand the sensations we have at the wheel and the behavior of the car in every circuit or climatic condition. The best way (although we can do it individually) is through the Path mode, since it is specifically created to be a great tutorial that allows us to master all the disciplines and circuits.

3. Study the circuit

Studying the circuit in detail is the most important thing a good driver should do . For this it is advisable to complete many laps, whether in time trial, free practice or personalized races, which will allow us to discover even the smallest detail of the route in order to get the most out of cars. If we do not have the best way to improve the times, we can always use the dynamic layout, which will not only help us to see the best way to complete a lap, but also the best braking points.

In this sense, every good pilot always has specific braking zones, using as reference elements of the environment or distance indicators present in many of the curves of the paths. Obviously, if we have weather changes, learning the circuit will have to change substantially and, although many elements are shared, we must adjust the braking zones with new references, modify the use of the brake and the accelerator and check the zones of accumulation of water to slightly change the route and avoid unnecessary scares.

4. Know the car

In Project Cars 2 we have more than 200 different cars and it is very difficult to know the behavior of each one of them, however, thanks to the classification by disciplines of the same we can get an idea of ​​the different behaviors that we are going to find according to the modality of competition. That is why, in addition to completing the Trajectory mode, we advise you to study each car well before competing, so it is best to complete the training and classification sessions before each competition, and even spend a lot of time in Time Trial mode to test different set-up configurations, as well as several cars of the same discipline.

Regarding the set-up, although it is usually tedious if we are not very expert in the matter, besides being able to consult the part of the guide with the explanation of all the Regulations, we will also have at our disposal the Track Engineer, which will be of great help. Therefore, we should invest a little time in analyzing our riding style well and adapting the car to our liking .

5. Master the weather

When we ride a car we not only have to know the layout and dominate the vehicle, we must also be prepared for any unforeseen. We have already talked about the types of meteorology, and the most important thing is to know that when the weather changes we must adapt quickly to the new characteristics of the circuit and modify our way of piloting.

Logically, rain is the factor that most changes the state of the track and, in addition to having to take care of the adhesion of the tires and the use of the accelerator and the brake, also we must modify our points of braking and turning, since the car it will not behave the same. In the case of snow, the change is more radical, having to carry a little forced gear ratio and have a delicate touch with the steering wheel.

The best thing about Project Cars 2 is that the weather is variable, so not only do we have to get used to a race in rain, but the track can dry out or get wetter and we will have to change our way of driving again. Therefore, we must train in all possible circuits and in any weather conditions, because any race can be complicated and that learning is fundamental to win.

6. Removes aid

If we enter a simulator is normal that at first we feel somewhat overwhelmed by the difficulty of the control, however, it is very advisable to activate driving aids and gradually reduce them to eliminate them completely. Therefore, it is a good idea to activate the traction control, the anti-lock brakes or the stability control because, although they are very evident aids, the sensations on the track will not vary much and will allow us to better understand the behavior of the cars in the different types of circuit.

If we want more help we can always activate the dynamic path or the assistants of direction and braking, although these last two are too evident changes that will not benefit us in our learning. It is very advisable to have a progressive learning and, in addition to using the steering wheel to gain more tact in the control, to go slowly evolving until competing with the greater realism possible without jumping previous steps.

7. Customize the HUD

Thanks to the customizable Project Cars 2 HUD we can get lots of real-time information about the car, the circuit and our performance. For this, although we have HUD prefixes very useful, we have a complete interface customization menu that we can modify freely to receive information about the condition of the car, brake temperature, partial, layout or breakdown, being free of selecting the one that most useful to us during the races according to our style of piloting.

8. Use the inner camera

It is very common among players less fond of simulators to use external cameras and, although they allow us to have more visibility of the route and greater precision when interacting with other pilots, the reality is that they are far from being the most advisable. The main problem is that if we play with a steering wheel we will not have direct feedback of what we are doing, since we will notice some difference between our orders and what the car does. The second reason is that having a perspective so different from the actual piloting we can not feel with the same precision the sensations of the car, something essential for maximum performance. In addition, the inner chambers help us enjoy a greater immersion, something that is enormously enhanced with virtual reality glasses. Thanks to this additional realism we will concentrate more and enjoy a more complete experience.

9. Try the online

Once we master the simulation offered by Project Cars 2 it will be time to delve into the online to test our skills. Here we will have to be more careful than usual and face each race with more seriousness, since now we will be valued and that will be seen in our Driving License, being able to be excluded from certain events, also, we must be aware that the experience must be as friendly as possible to foster a healthy and competitive community. Therefore, do not be afraid to play online, on the contrary, here we find the most fun and demanding competitions , however, we will have to take careers with seriousness and sportiness.

10. Enjoy watching the professionals

The best way to learn is by looking at professionals. Project Cars 2 has put a lot of interest in strengthening the e-Sports branch of the title and for this, not only includes a special tab with live competitions, news and old careers, but also offer a huge amount of events during the year in the that we can participate, but also see how the other players compete. Knowing the settings they use in the car, seeing the type of steering wheel they use, the camera or how to take certain curves in the circuits, can help us polish our driving style, making it a really useful help.