PES 2018 Unlimited GP

Unlimited GP in PES 2018 – MyClub Trick

Winning GP is easy, even if you win more or less depends on how good you are. Here we will teach you a method to earn good amounts of GP per hour effortlessly and with minimum risk.

How to get unlimited GP in PES 2018?

You will win Game Points or GP in PES 2018 playing games, championships, etc. If you often win easily, it is probably best if you look at tournaments that give you more rewards. Since you can win up to 10,000 GP per game

Although what we are going to talk about here is methods for breeding GP with ease, regardless of your skill level. Specifically a method that although it will also force you to play matches, will allow you to leave the controls and get to play just for a while, with 20 minutes remaining.

Trick for unlimited GP in PES 2018

Simple method based on always playing at low difficulty with good rewards and being able to release the controls almost the whole game:

1- We create a template in MyClub with an eleven 100% holder with white balls. The best players will stay on the bench as substitutes.

2- Let’s Challenge Cup in MyClub / Challenge Cup in VS COM / Elite Challenge Silver. That way we will get a match against a regular level rival .

3- We have to win, but if we want to save a lot of the game, we can pass it to the goalkeeper and if he stays in the small area, nobody will take the ball until the 67 minute. So we can leave and let it run time while doing something else. The recommended thing is not to play the first part and something of the second. The fact is that we have to end up scoring and winning. But we can score at any time, and better at the end. So we will add 1,901 GP or Game Points per game.

4- If we continue playing the silver challenge elite, we will level up. If we want to secure and continue at the regular level, we have to leave the championship, enter the golden elite challenge, leave, and re-enter the elite silver challenge. It will have reset and we will play again on a regular level.

That way, you can get about 10,000 GP per hour.


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