PES 2018 guide cheats tricks download

In this compilation of PES 2018 tricks we will teach you how to make all the moves and give you some tips to squeeze out all the secrets of the Konami football game.

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PES 2018 Cheats – Basic Pro Moves

You’d be amazed at how many things you can do by simply mastering basic moves. Many times we limit ourselves, we only play with the shot, the pass, and we barely learn where the button is running to after discovering it will never let go. But knowing what a button is for, you can make a difference. Here are some examples:

  • Skip in depth by : L1 + Triangle on PlayStation and LB + Y on Xbox. It is much more effective than making it shallow.
  • Quick dribble : Left Joystick + R1 on PlayStation and Left Joystick + RB on Xbox. You will see that difference only by touching the R1 or RB ..
  • Plucked : R1 + R1 on PlayStation or RB + RB on Xbox. It will give us a boost of speed, and if we also press Left Joystick we can make a pipe.
  • Back Defending : Left + R2 Joystick on PlayStation and Left Joystick + RT on Xbox. Much more effective than an entry 90% of the time.
  • Wall : L1 + X + Triangle on PlayStation and LB + A + Y on Xbox
  • Raised wall : L1 + X + L1 + Triangle on PlayStation and LB + A + LB + Y on Xbox
  • Pass and race : Pass + R2 on PlayStation and Pass + RT on Xbox, used to run right after passing
  • Move defensive line:  Left or right button on both PlayStation and Xbox

Here you can see all the basic movements with their controls and buttons

PES 2018 Tricks – Trophies

There are 49 achievements or trophies in PES 2018 in total, if you want to get everyone to reach the platinum trophy , here we explain what you have to do to unlock them. Although we anticipate that you will have to play in all game modes.