Durango Wildlands Guide

Durango Wildlands Guide and Tricks Durango Wildlands Cheats – Install / Configure And before installing anything in the game, we recommend you do two things in the settings: FPS: Putting them in High Quality Resolution: In Medium This way you will much more fluid the

Infinity Stones in Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite

Infinity Stones in Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite The gems or stones of the infinite are an element that has been present in the Comics, but that introduces like newness in the combats in console. As far as how they affect the combats, they allow to

Gwent guía y trucos

  Bienvenido a la guía oficial de Gwent, exclusiva para nuestros lectores. Consejos generales: ¡Una batalla perdida no significa que se pierda la guerra! Gwent es, ante todo, un arte de farol efectivo. A veces es una buena idea pasar una ronda y dejar que el oponente ganar

Uncharted: El Legado Perdido – Todos los puzles

Uncharted: El Legado Perdido tiene una serie de desafiantes puzzles. Vea las respuestas a cada una de ellas a continuación. Algunos de estos puzzles (como el rompecabezas de la sombra) se pueden resolver de varias maneras. Hemos intentado proporcionar la solución más fácil. Si ha encontrado una forma

Mejores equipos en NBA 2K18

Conoce los mejores equipos en NBA 2K18. La temporada de la NBA de 2017-2018 se disputará el 17 de octubre (con los Cavs de LeBron enfrentándose a los Celtics de Kyrie, tanto drama), pero ahora puedes experimentar algunos aros con la NBA 2K18. Jugando como tu

Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite – All Gems

Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite Gems Before starting a combat you must choose a gem for combat. Each provides an Infinity Surge and Infinity Storm effect. Practice with different couples and decide which is the best fit for the way you play or your tactics. Infinity Surge : activated by

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite – Unlock Stages

Unlock All Stages Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite At the beginning of the game you will start with eight unlocked scenarios. They are: AimBrella – Control Room Avengers Tower – Briefing Room Dark Kingdom – Heart of Chaos New Metro City – Crossroads New Metro City – Downtown

Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite Official Guide

Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite Guide Basic Moves Unlike past games, Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Infinite has simplified the control to make it more comfortable to play with a pad. The four front buttons equals punch and kick in their weak and strong versions. The triggers are reserved for

Beginner Decks Clash Royale

Beginner Decks Clash Royale Whether you’re starting to play, or you’ve never hit sand 8, you may think you’re missing a lot of unlockable cards and you can not get a decent deck. So we hope to make you change your mind. Nor do we mean

PUBG Crates Secrets

PUBG Crates New features have been introduced in the box system, so we took the opportunity to explain how the whole system works and the latest additions. We anticipate that there are two types of boxes in PUBG: Gamescom Invitational and random weekly (can be Survivor

Best Vehicles PUBG

All Vehicles PUBG These are all the vehicles you can find on the map of PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds:Buggy It is a means of transport for two people with good handling and fun to drive. Although it does not have much protection, since it is uncovered from above

Best Locations PUBG

Top locations PUBG – PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds There is no better location in PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds. Your choice should depend on your level of play, your knowledge of the map and the strategy you want to follow during the game. So we explain how are the most popular locations

The Sims 4 Emotions – How Moods Work

Emotions Tricks in SIMS 4 Emotions are one of the novelties of SIMS 4 and imply that our Sim will have an emotional state. They are important since the emotional state of the sim will depend on whether it can perform better or worse certain activities

Sonic Mania – Todos los niveles

Aquí tienes todos los niveles de Sonic Mania y cómo acceder a ellos desde la guía oficial. Sonic Mania trae la acción divertida y acelerada de los juegos Sonic de la vieja escuela a Xbox One, PS4, PC y Nintendo Switch. Corriendo en una suave 60

Guía Destiny 2 – Raid Leviathan

Guía Destiny 2 Raid Leviathan Tienes todos los trucos de Destiny 2 en la guía oficial del juego que te exponemos: Raid: Leviatán Equipo: Six Players Nivel de poder : 260-280 Las incursiones dentro de la franquicia Destiny ha sido dirigido más para el juego final y si has estado jugando Destiny 2 desde

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle – Todos los capítulos secretos

Capítulos secretos Mario rabbids + kingdom battle. Cada mundo en Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle cuenta con un capítulo secreto oculto para que lo descubras. Estos capítulos secretos son especialmente difíciles, pero acabarlos proporciona una gran recompensa – por lo general 4 pechos más, un montón de orbes

Guide Arena of Valor

Guide Arena of Valor The MOBA genre is perhaps the one with the greatest growth in the video game world of recent years. Thanks to the irruption of titles like DOTA 2 and League of Legends and to the establishment of the competitions of electronic sports known like eSports , this type of titles have

FIFA 18 – Freekick tutorial

In the following tutorial we explain how to FIFA 18 freekick. With powerful, effective, combined pitches and some tricks for certain situations. How to score Fouls in FIFA 18? Random is the game in which we do not have several opportunities to score a goal

How to Unlock Flashpoints in Destiny 2

Complete Flashpoints in Destiny 2 – Critical Issue Why complete a Flashpoints in Destiny 2? Critical issue is one of the easiest trophies of Destiny 2. Since to achieve this we just have to complete a critical point. So we explain the steps below so that you take

How to Momentum Crossover in NBA 2K18

Momentum Crossover Guide in NBA 2k18 Steps of the Momentum Crossover in NBA 2k18 To make a single momentum Crossover we would have to: Hold R2 on PlayStation or RT on XBox We passed the hand ball with the right joystick, if we have it