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Nominees Gran Hermano Dúo GH Dúo – Expulsions Week 1

Nominees Gran Hermano Dúo GH Dúo. First Thursday of expulsions in ‘GH DÚO’, that after the intense gala last Tuesday, will live a new night full of emotions for all the contestants and spectators of the program. Fede, Yoli and Raquel are the nominees of this first week of the contest, and one of them will leave tonight to stay at the house.

Nominees Gran Hermano Dúo GH Dúo

After the salvation of Ylenia and Fortu, the three nominees do not have all with them, and more after checking the change of course that took the percentages in the last gala last Tuesday. Fede and Raquel can not stand, despite joining together as a couple, with Ylenia. On the other hand Yoli has been the contestant who has shown the least things and her classmates do not see her as a contestant of the program.

Also, on this exciting night of ‘GH DUO’ we will live a new leader’s test that will leave the house divided as it is every week. Jorge Javier Vázquez will review the first week in the reality show of the contestants that has been quite intense and that culminated in the last gala on Tuesday where we learned first hand some aspects of the life of Kiko Rivera.

The spectators have in their hand the expulsion, voting for their favorite. If they vote for Yoli, they will break the first couple of this edition, leaving Fortu competing just to win. If the spectators decide for Fede or Raquel, they will break one of the trios of the house, leaving one of the two of the couple of the feared Ylenia.