NEW Shotgun Meta – Combat Shotgun vs. Tac Shotgun! (Fortnite Season 9 Shotgun Tips)

In this video today we're gonna be going over the new shotgun meta in Fortnite season 9. As I'm sure you guys know by now, in update 9.0, Epic made the incredibly controversial decision to vault all rarities of the pump shotgun. And they actually directly addressed their reasoning for doing this in another blog post, mainly citing the fact that the pump accounted for 26% of all eliminations in Fortnite. The problem I have with that logic, is the fact that Epic is the main reason that's the case. Over the past 6 months or so, Epic mode pumps way better by adding purple and gold versions of them to the game. Then, they decided to vault the heavy shotgun, which was really the only shotgun that legitimately competed with the pump. And while all of that happened, they totally ignored the community asking them to buff the tac shotgun, because it was so weak. Shotguns offer burst damage and since burst damage is king in Fortnite, they're always going to be used by the majority of players. So what exactly was Epic expecting when they seemingly did every thing in their power to make the pump shotgun the only viable option in that weapon category? If they truly wanted shotgun usage to be split more evenly between all the options, there were so many better ways to do that than just straight up vaulting maybe the most iconic weapon in all of Fortnite. Along with vaulting the pump, update 9.0 also added a new weapon called the combat shotgun and gave the tac shotgun #Fortnite #CombatShotgun #TacShotgun #FortniteSeason9 #PumpShotgun #FortniteShotgun #FortniteShotgunTips #FortniteBattleRoyale #ControllerFortnite SUBSCRIBE: My Social Media:
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