NBA 2K18 Archetypes

NBA 2K18 Archetypes Guide – Character Creation

There are many questions that you should know about the archetypes so we will try to solve most of them and give you ideas so that you can create a good character. So let’s start by explaining the operation:

More or less you can get an idea of ​​where your character can get by fudging on the table. You change variables and you will know your approximate starting value and the cap you can reach (the white mark).

The problem is that you can not know the exact value of the white mark. And that’s a problem because to unlock certain things we will need to reach a specific number.

First of all clarify that there are 190 possible combinations to define an archetype in NBA 2K18. And there is no better archetype, there will be archetypes that fit better our style of play or whatever we want, but there is no secret formula. What if there are are a few things that we must take into account when creating it:

  • Think about what you want the character: The most important thing is that you have fun with him, so think if you want it for park, what you want to get, etc.
  • Slack in the white mark: Since we will not know the exact value, once the goals clear do not try to rush. First because you can fail, stay short and never arrive. And second because adding the last points to reach the top, is not going to be anything easy.
  • The details make the difference: For example in NBA 2K17, a pivot lost 20 speed if instead of measuring 2.12 it measured 2.13. And surely you could have achieved something better based on vertical and height. Something that happens in many other aspects. So waste a little time skimming things like that.
  • Wait a bit: We recommend not to rush and try the game before creating anything. You will have a much clearer idea of ​​what you want.