MY BEST SOLO EVER! UNIQUE 6 Gengar Raid Boss SOLO In Pokémon GO! | Shadow Ball | Gym Raids Ep. 48

My Best Solo Ever! Unique 6 Gengar Raid Boss Solo In Pokemon GO! Hex/Shadow Ball with No Weather Boost! Pokémon GO High Level F2P Gameplay! ★ Yesterday I pulled off my best solo ever in Pokemon GO! I saw a Gengar raid as I was heading over to re-stock for Community Day, and figured my raid pass was gonna get wasted anyways, so I'll see if I can do a cool challenge. I knew that going with my ghost line up would mean that I would have to dodge pretty much every single charge attack, if not they would basically get one hit. It took me a few attempts but I was actually able to perform the solo perfectly! Dodged every single charge attack and then tanked the last one in order to fill up my charge bar enough to take down Gengar before fainting out of my Weavile! Due to a lot of gym raid bugs/glitches, it is incredibly difficult to get a solo this clean, and I was honestly in disbelief that I did after I completed it. I saw that the timer had 49 seconds left and was like wow! I just did that with mostly Ghost Pokemon lol! To this day I don't think I have ever done a solo this well, and it gets me excited for crazier challenges in the future! Hopefully Niantic shifts the raid bosses around a lot this Summer, because I'm ready for more bosses 😉 Want More Raid Challenges?! Subscribe For New Videos Every Week! Instagram:
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