How to Momentum Crossover in NBA 2K18

Momentum Crossover Guide in NBA 2k18

Steps of the Momentum Crossover in NBA 2k18

To make a single momentum Crossover we would have to:

  • Hold R2 on PlayStation or RT on XBox
  • We passed the hand ball with the right joystick, if we have it on the right, to the left.
  • We advance diagonally with the left joystick in the same direction as the hand we passed the ball. According to the previous step, diagonally upwards to the left.

We can chain this movement as many times as we want, it would simply be changing hands and direction:

Right Joystick Left + Left Joystick Diagonal Up Left + Right Joystick Right + Left Joystick Diagonal Up Right

What is the purpose of the Momentum Crossover?

In general simply by making this move, we will throw much better and faster when we are marking. So you will come very well for example to throw triples.

To dribblar the normal thing is to combine it with another change of hand with which we were to try to surpass to our defender. Since it will accelerate the movement and gain effectiveness, just as with shooting.

The most typical thing is to chain it with a change of hand from behind. The crossover momentum is finished, release the three buttons and move the stick right down.