Minecraft Cheats – Commands, Features, and More

Minecraft Cheats – Commands, Features, and More

How to activate chat tricks in Minecraft?

If you want to activate chat tricks, you have to know that they can only be used on PC, Mac, Pocket Edition of Android and iOS, and Education Edition. There are more, apart from the tricks of the chat, so we’ll give you a few that serve for any version of the game.

In addition, to be able to use the tricks or commands of the chat, you have to have allowed them in the moment to create the world. It is an option that appears to us just when creating the world, and only then can be activated.

Finally we also have to know that by activating Minecraft tricks we will not be able to unlock the achievements

Once you have understood all of the above, using the tricks is very simple, just write them on the chat bar of the game. In case you do not know how to activate, just hit the Enter key or the letter T if you are playing on PC or Mac, or the chat button in Pocket Edition.

Minecraft Cheats – Chat Commands

Several commands or codes with which you can change the difficult, the game mode, teleport, etc.:

  • Survival (mode) – / gamemode 0 : We change to survival mode
  • Creation  (mode) –  / gamemode 1 : We change to creation mode
  • Adventure  (mode) –  / gamemode 2 : We change to adventure mode
  • Viewer  (mode) –  / gamemode 3 : Switch to viewer mode
  • Pacific (difficulty) –  / difficult peaceful : We change to pacific difficulty
  • Easy  (difficulty) –  / easy easy : We change to easy difficulty
  • Normal  (difficulty) –  / normal difficulty : We change to normal difficulty
  • Difficult  (difficulty) –  / hard difficulty : We change to difficult difficulty
  • Stop time  – / gamerule doDaylightCycle false
  • Day  –  / time set day : We change to day
  • Midnight  –  / time set 18000 : We change at midnight
  • Noon  –  / time set 6000 : We change at noon
  • Dusk –  / time set 12000 : We changed to dusk
  • Dawn  –  / time set 0 : We change at dawn
  • Night  –  / time set night : We change to night
  • Reset time  –  / time query gametime : Back to game time
  • Rain  –  / weather rain : We change to rainy weather
  • Storm with thunder  –  / weather thunder : We changed to thunder storm
  • Clear  –  / weather clear : We change to clear weather
  • Summon NPCs or Enemies  –  / summon [NPC or enemy name] [coordinates] : The coordinates are written in XYZ format, if we put them in these coordinates, if not put them, next to us.
  • Teleporting  –  / teleport [character name] [coordinates] : If we want to teleport to a place, we put our name and the XYZ coordinates of the site.
  • Retain inventory when dying – / gamerule keepinventory true
  • Experience – / xp [amount of experience] : We put in number the amount of experience that we want.

Minecraft Cheats – Chat Commands

The Give command is one of the most wanted in the game, although we will need to know the name of the object we want to receive in English, or its id. The same applies to enchantments (enchant)

  • Enchant objects  –  / enchant [name of character] [name or id of enchantment] [level of enchantment]: We will achieve an enchantment at a level for a character
  • Obtain objects  –  / give [character name] [name or object id] [object quantity] : We will get an object in X quantity for a character.

Minecraft Tricks – Minerals

In general in all resource tricks, we simply need to know where they are. Although the first thing is to know where we are. If you have a keyboard, it’s very easy, you press F3 and it tells you where you are. But otherwise, it is best to take the level “zero” as a reference, and for that you have to dig until you can not anymore.

  • Coal : From layer 128
  • Diamond : Since layer 12, although it requires a peak of at least iron, and usually has lava nearby, it is very scarce
  • Redstone : From layer 15, although it requires a peak of at least iron, and usually has lava near
  • Emerald : Between layers 4 and 32, although it requires a peak of at least stone, it is very scarce except in the extreme mountain biome.
  • Lapis lazuli : Between layers 23 and 25, although it requires a peak of at least stone.
  • Iron : From layer 64, although it requires a peak of at least stone, and melt it to crate
  • Gold : From layer 32, although it requires a peak of at least iron, and melt it to crate

In the caves there is usually gold, coal and iron, while near the lava there are usually diamonds, redstone or red stone, emerald and lapis lazuli.

Minecraft Cheats – Features

  • Infinite Water : We dig a 2 × 2 hole and poured two buckets of water into opposite corners.
  • Taming Wolves : We have to give it a bone, but if we want to raise it we have to domesticate two and give them meat.
  • Create a mule : It will run like a horse but will charge like an ass. We have to pair a horse and a donkey with apples or golden carrots.

Minecraft Tricks – Mods

Probably Minecraft is the game with more quantity and variety of Mods. There is everything from getting anything you miss in the game, such as construction, crafting, recipes, food and so on, to mods that will give us experience maps, performance improvements, qualities or textures. Although perhaps the most interesting are those that pose adventures and games within the game.

Minecraft Cheats – Seeds

Seeds or seeds are codes that will allow you to access completely new locations. There are for all tastes and colors, with spectacular landscapes, survival type, very rich in treasures and diamonds, with completely new adventures, and with great variety of biomes.