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Nintendo 3DS

Metroid Samus Returns – Skills and Equipment


In this section we will talk about the types of improvements that we will find for the game map, in addition we will teach you the equipment that we can unlock throughout the adventure. Check out!



  • Energy Tanks – This upgrade will help us in combat by increasing our health, for each tank we will get 100 units of energy stra for our suit.
  • Missile Tanks – This upgrade increases the maximum number of missiles we can carry with us. Each tank will provide us with capacity for 3 more missiles
  • Aeion Tank – This upgrade increases the maximum capacity of the Aeion bar by 50 units and fills it completely.


  • Impulse Scanner – A very useful skill focused on scanning and recognition, revealing part of an area on the touch screen map and temporarily indicating blocks that can be destroyed. You get it in the “Surface” chapter almost at the beginning
  • Electric Armor – A combat-focused skill, Samus will be wrapped in an electric force field that will prevent him from receiving enemy damage. It also reinforces the backlash by increasing its reach and power. You can find it in Area 2.
  • Ray Multiplayer – This ability is focused on combat, with it Samus will power your beams and you’ll be able to hold AND to fire a blast of lightning.
  • Phase Displacement – This skill serves both combat and recon. It slows down the time and allows Samus to move faster which is useful to face certain enemies and travel distances that collapse.


  • Standard Ray – Samus’s default shot. It does not serve against Metroides. We have it from the beginning.
  • Missile – High-powered secondary weapon to eliminate enemies more easily. (Consume ammunition of missiles). We have it from the beginning.
  • Morphosphere – Allows Samus to become a Morphosphere to traverse narrow places. It is achieved in the “Surface” level before reaching the first hall of the seal
  • Arachnosphere – Improvement of the Morphosphere that allows adhering to surfaces by holding down the L button.
  • Lightning Recharge – Allows you to shoot a charged shot of the main beam of Samus. Used to open doors and shoot with more power in combat. It is achieved after defeating the first Metroide.
  • Ice Ray – Freezes enemies so they can function as platforms. They can also be eliminated with the melee button (X) more easily.
  • Bombs Morphosphere – Allows to drop bombs in morphosphere mode to defeat enemies in combat, discover blocks that can be destroyed or used to reach high places thanks to the explosion.
  • Climatic Suit – Allows to cross zones of high temperature, you get it in Area 2 on the upper floor.
  • Wave of Waves – More powerful missiles that go through certain solids, is an improvement of the main ray of Samus. You get it in Area 2.
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