Metroid Samus Returns – Locations Objects

Metroid Samus Returns – Locations Objects

In this section we will explain the various objects that can be found in the map of Metroid Samus Returns. Remember that to explore the map well, it is necessary to have the scanner viewfinder to locate many of the objects that you will need in the adventure. Let’s start!


There are many improvements of equipment distributed by the map, we can identify them by a bubble with a weapon inside. These improvements will increase the capacity of the missiles we can carry with us and even our own health, the more you get, the better.


Throughout the adventure we will receive new equipment, such as the morphosphere, its pumps, etc …

Aeion Skills

Skills that we will achieve progressively like for example the scanner of impulses.


Doors that react to Samus shots. Some need shots of a particular weapon to open them.

Security Cameras

They are some yellow capsules that we will find by the map and that will allow us to save the game, remember to save whenever you have the opportunity.

Energy Refill

They are devices that will regenerate the energy of our suit, as long as you see one do not waste the chance to regenerate your health.

Missile Refill

They are devices similar to those of Energy Refill that regenerate the available missiles.

Teleportation station

A machine that we can find in some places and allow us to teleport to another room quickly.

Chozo Statue

It represents the legacy of an ancient civilization. Shoot the container sphere to reveal the hidden object inside.

Chozo Seal

Find them at each level, allow us to progress in the adventure when we have collected enough DNA from the metroids, activate it so that the dangerous water level drops.