Marvel vs Capcom Infinite – Unlock Stages

Unlock All Stages Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite

At the beginning of the game you will start with eight unlocked scenarios. They are:

AimBrella – Control Room
Avengers Tower – Briefing Room
Dark Kingdom – Heart of Chaos
New Metro City – Crossroads
New Metro City – Downtown
Unknown – Training Chamber
Valkanda – Plains
Xgard – Throne Room

All Scenarios

To unlock eight more is necessary to overcome once the story mode, which will take the action for eight new arenas. This mode will take us about four hours to start.

The scenarios that are unlocked are as follows:

AimBrella – Laboratory Pathway
Abel City – Sigma’s Lab
Avengers Tower –
Dark Kingdom Lab – Wastelands
Knowmoon – Gravitron Core
Knowmoon –
Xgard Walkway – Bifrost Bridge
Xgard – Underground Prison