LIVE! SHINY NIDOKING HUNTING In Pokemon Let’s GO Eevee w/LuckyBunz

Shiny Nidoking Hunting In Pokemon Let's GO Eevee! Hi everyone, and welcome to my Pokemon Let's GO Eevee livestream! We will be shiny hunting Nidoking (feels weird that it's not Mewtwo lol) We accomplished our main shiny goal of this series recently, and now we are moving towards completing every Master Trainer in order to get the Grand Master Title! I am still fairly new to livestreaming, so any tips would be greatly appreciated to help me improve and grow the stream quality! 🙂 Rules: 1) No swearing/spamming/hate speech 2) Do NOT harass or belittle anyone in chat. (This is a PG stream)
3) Do NOT ask to be a mod (Moderators will be chosen based on individuals who contribute to the stream and help run things smoothly) 4) Do NOT self promote your own channel or others. 5) NO TRADES! This is not a stream to look for trades or ask for Pokemon. 6) HAVE FUN! Let's all just hangout and enjoy Pokemon! 🙂 Why I Decided To Start Livestreaming: The main reason why I wanted to start livestreaming is so that I can hangout with you guys during the shiny hunts! It can be rather boring just sitting and waiting for hours on end for a shiny, and so I figured it would be a good time to interact with you guys while working towards the goal! 🙂 Subscribe For New Videos Every Week! Instagram:

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