Knack 2 Guide – All the tricks and tips download

Knack 2 Guide – All the tricks and tips

In this Knack 2 guide we will review all the sections of the game, so you know all the secrets and do not miss anything thanks to our tricks and tips

In total there are 4 supermovers or super powers in Knack 2. In addition to being undoubtedly useful, you will unlock a trophy, Supermovement Master . So these are their locations:

  • Crystal Swords : You find it in Chapter 4-1, there is no loss. In the video is by the minute 0.05
  • Shockwave : You will find it in Chapter 5-4. Upon entering the museum, at the end of the chapter we will become big enough to open the door of the square. We climb the opposite wall (looking at the entrance of the museum) and we will find it. In the video is by the minute 0.46
  • Storm : In chapter 8-2, where we have to move three boxes of colors. We have to move the blue box on the blue platform. Then we will open a door for the green box, from the box we jump to the road. There are several invisible platforms that can be unveiled by launching the boomerang, we advance a little and we find it. In the video is by the minute 1.16
  • Crystal Explosion : At the end of chapter 12-3 we will see an enemy with a purple shield that shoots us from a distance and we can not kill. We have to advance through the platforms afterwards, and when one of them raises us, jump to the right. There is a secret passage illuminated by solar stones, we follow it and we will find the supermovement. In the video is by the minute 2.38

Knack 2 Guide – Treasure Chests

There are 100 treasure chests in Knack 2, and if you find them all you will unlock a few things, including several trophies. Also each treasure chest, by itself, will give you rewards, so do not let them pass. The only problem is that some chests require to be playing on normal difficulty, at least. So if you do not find them in the locations we give you, you know what to do.