How to install mods in Minecraft download

How to install Mods in Minecraft?

The amount of Mods that exist in Minecraft is in the past, and you can get pretty much anything you want. From aspects that improve the gameplay without more, functions that simplify certain actions, graphic aspects or useful additions, extensions on certain aspects such as construction, crafting and food, or even expansions of locations with new challenges and missions to do.

And if you are fond of mods you may want to take a look also at the best seeds or seeds. Since they do not require installation, just put the code.

And going into the matter we are going to explain the steps that you must follow to install mods in Minecraft :

Install Mods in Minecraft – Backup

First of all, to make sure you do not lose anything or delete anything that you can not recover then make a backup copy.

Basically you have to copy all the content of the game and the folders to another folder. You can then access any file and re-establish it if necessary. To find all the content you are interested in backing up:

  1. Type% appdata% in browser
  2. Go to /Roaming/.minecraft/saves
  3. Copy all folders to another separate folder.

Install Mods in Minecraft – Minecraft Forge

First of all, you need to know that you need Minecraft Forge. Basically it is a mods manager that will save us a lot of work as it allows you to install, uninstall them and even create them. In any case, can not be done by hand, you have to use this system. So if you want to enter the world of mods, start by installing Minecraft Forge, here you can download it . Do not change anything and simply press OK to install.

If you do not like Minecraft Forge, you can also use ModLoader or Bukkit .

And yes, these are the steps that you must follow:

Install Mods in Minecraft – Install Mods

Simply download the mod you want and it will appear in .zip, .rar or .jar format. Obviously uses reliable pages as there is a lot of viruses.

Directly you have to copy the .zip, .rar or .jar into the mods folder of the game. If you do not know where it is from the run window (Windows + R) type% AppData%, press enter enter Roaming and then in Minecraft, and you will be able to see the mods folder.

You do not have to do anything else since the mod manager already takes care of the rest.

Install Mods in Minecraft – Instructions

Some may have some specific instructions, so we recommend reading them. And you may also find yourself with resource packs. In that case you must install the compressed files in the Resourcepacks folder.