Infinity Stones in Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite

Infinity Stones in Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite

The gems or stones of the infinite are an element that has been present in the Comics, but that introduces like newness in the combats in console.

As far as how they affect the combats, they allow to personalize them enough. You have to choose two characters and a stone of infinity or gem. The Infinity Stone will activate the Infinity Storm and the Infinity Surge:

  • Infinity Surge: It is a special attack, proper of the stone, and is activated with the left trigger
  • Infinity Storm: It will have different effects depending on the stone, and are the ones that really change the type of fight.

Stone of Infinity of Power

Power Stone makes all your attacks more powerful, greatly increasing damage by activating the Infinity Storm ability

For its part, with Infinite Surge, emanate energy from the hands of the characters. And if we can connect that energy with our rivals, it will make them fly. It is very strong, will make them collide against the walls and we will have very easy to chain more blows while they recover.

Infinity Stone of the Mind

Infinity Storm will make the Hyper bar refresh without we have to watch it.

For its part Infinity Surge will stun the rival, so it will be very easy to chain hits after using it.

Space Infinite Stone

Infinity Storm will catch our opponent in a box for a few moments, canceling out any possibility of dodging our attacks.

Infinity Surge will bring the opponent to our side, so it will be useful when you want the thing to be decided in the short distances

Stone of Infinity of Reality

The Infinity Storm will cause our attacks to cause burn, shock and freeze damage randomly. So any button we press to attack will have one of these bonuses

Infinity Surge is a remote-controlled projectile before which your opponent will have little chance.

Time Infinity Stone

With Infinity Storm we can dodge any attack while it lasts thanks to a temporary slowdown

With Infinity Surge we will chain attacks more easily, even if we do not press the buttons in the right order. As long as we hit our opponent, the combos will come out on their own.

Alma Infinity Stone

Perhaps it is the most powerful of all the Stones of Infinity in Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite:

With Infinity Storm we can revive a dead companion, and for a moment we will have a 2-to-1 advantage.

With Infinity Surge we can steal the opponent’s life if we hit him.