How To Wear High Heels Without Pain

Some time ago I read a note in a Spanish magazine where they gave advice not to suffer when using high heels. Lover of very high heels at the time of leaving, I thought it would be another one of those many urban myths . And I doubted more than anything because the article had no medical or other endorsement.

Tips for wearing high heels and not dying of pain

If you wear a ribbon or band-aid on the third and fourth toes , you can spend hours in high heels without your feet hurting.

Curiosity won me over and I tried it. I tried it one, two and five times. The first time I sold my fingers, I took precautions of the case . I used my favorite stilettos because I know where I stand and I did not venture too much. I went out to eat and then I suggested a walk. And my feet did not hurt.

The next day, yes, the next day I was so emboldened and decided to spend the day in those heels. This was going to be the test of fire. The cold had not yet arrived so it was a most pleasant experience. I did all the paperwork of the day walking. I always walk them, but in a million years I would not have made them climb up to my heels.

In the supermarket people looked at me weird and I confess that I was laughing inside because carrying bags with heels is something that is not seen every day. Three hours later I returned home and my feet did not hurt. I almost did not believe what was happening and I thought maybe it was because those shoes were always comfortable, within how comfortable a stiletto can be (I clarify that I chose this model of shoes because they are the most uncomfortable and difficult to walk of all) .

And with new shoes?

Then I decided to go further and took in my hands other stilettos, this time new. It was girls night and it started early with the opening of an art show, then drinks and the inevitable food where we told everything that happened while we did not see each other. Afterwards it took a long time to get taxis, so we walked several blocks and I was happy with my new shoes that did not hurt. That day I had no choice but to believe in magic.

The secret that stopped being secret works! Yes, if we sell our fingers for some reason do not hurt the feet. Then I thought it was too big a revelation to keep just for me. I had to share it, but I wanted to do it by finding the explanation first.

I talked to a friend who does reflexology and told me there was no justification. I spoke with a traumatologist and asked him if there are nerve terminals coming together and his response was: “Yes, there are multiple nerve terminals on the feet, but bandaging the third and fourth fingers does not cancel any of them, at least from the medical point of view” .

It may be a secret from someone’s grandmother, an urban myth or magic , it does not matter. The important thing is that it works. Without doubts for the day the ideal thing is the little things or the low boots, because they are comfortable, they are always in fashion and they look good with all the looks.

Now, when we have a party, a wedding, a cocktail or a birthday. Or we want to feel the legs more stylized, to see the world from above and to take courage , the tacomes suman. All dresses look better, skirts and pants too.

Then I invite you to stop suffering, try and see for yourself . Now we can see ourselves divine knowing that the smile is not going to be erased in the middle of the party, nor will we go home with shoes in hand.