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How to watch Gran Hermano Dúo GH Dúo Online and Live

How to watch Gran Hermano Dúo GH Dúo Online and Live. Then we tell you how to see Big Brother Dúo live and live to follow each of the contestants of this new reality show from Telecinco.

How to watch Gran Hermano Dúo GH Dúo Online and Live

As happened with the previous edition of Big Brother VIP, we can follow Gran Hermano Duo on television, as well as on the Internet and social networks, although we have a novelty that can be followed for the first time outside of Spain.

How to watch Big Brother Duo Live and Free

How to watch Gran Hermano Dúo live and live

You can see all the galas and debates through Telecinco, mediaset chains, every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday at 10:00 in the Spanish peninsular night.

You will be able to follow all the daily summaries through the Divinity mediaset channel and also through the mitele application.

For the first time it will be possible to follow the contest outside of Spain through CincoMAS, an international channel opened by mediaset for the Spanish-speaking community. In this way it can be seen in Peru (Claro), Mexico (Sky), Argentina (TVFuego and Gigared), Ecuador (Claro), Chile (Claro) and some Central American countries.

We can follow the 24 hours of the contest through the mitele app, in the mediaset channel of YouTube and also through the GH Duo application that you can download in both iOS and Android.

On the other hand, if you want to follow live everything that happens in the house but do not want to watch it on television, you can follow any of the official Big Brother accounts on Twitter and Facebook.