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How to play with friends, invite and join other players Red Dead Online

You started your journey in Red Dead Online , but you just do not want to play with strangers. What to do then? Well, it’s time to gather friends.

How to play with friends, invite and join other players Red Dead Online

Playing with friends in Red Dead Online is pretty simple, but it is worth noting that you can do it only after you have established your first camp.

This means that you will have to face the first mission in history, the one where you have to steal four horses along with three other players found through matchmaking.

However, once you have completed this step, you can invite friends or attend their sessions.

While you are in the Free Roam press the directional arrow left to open the menu.

From here, select Players , and you can scroll through the list of players in your session, the Friends , the Crew and the Recent Players , using the backbuttons.

If you want to play in the company of a friend, access the Friends section . Select a name and you will see various options, including Invite in Session and Join the Session . You will also have the opportunity to view his skill set and the details of his Posse .

Now all you have to do is invite your friends into your session, or join them, to play along with Red Dead Online .