How to get perfect pelts Red Dead Redemption 2

Trading fur and animal skins in the past has been an important aspect of the frontier economy and is also part of Red Dead Redemption 2 .

Hunting animals and then selling their parts plays an important role in Arthur Morgan’s adventure. In this guide we will explain what to do with skins and fursin Red Dead Redemption 2, where to store them , where to sell them and how to get the perfect quality ones .

How to get perfect pelts Red Dead Redemption 2

You hunted an animal, skinned it and now you have your skin in your hands. And now? First, call or walk to your horse, where you can keep your skins waiting to decide what to do with them. These will be added to your horse’s load menu, so you can find them by reaching it and pressing the right d-pad key or selecting the appropriate section in the sales menu.

Once you have stored the skin on the back of your horse you will have several options. You can sell them in a shop in the city, donate them to Mr. Pearson in the camp, or bring your best skins from the trapper, which will allow you to craft new equipment. Once you have found the trapper, you just have to sell your loot and this will appear in your inventory for the creation of new equipment. Here’s where to find the trapper in Red Dead Redemption 2 .

The skins you have kept on the horse, however, are not completely safe. If you die you will have lost them forever. Luckily you will not have to worry too much about the Legendary animal skins. For example, if you lose the Legendary Bear’s fur, it will automatically be sent to the Trapper, so you can still craft the unique equipment.

Red Dead Redemption 2: where to sell skins

You can sell your skins at the shops in town and at those that specialize in hunting equipment. Probably, however, it is better if you keep your best skins and furs for crafting, since you can make unique items that you can not get in any other way. But if you need a few extra dollars, there’s nothing better than using your hunting skills.

In the early stages, the best place to sell your hunting loot is Valentine, where you will find different shops suitable for the purpose.

To understand which animal can provide perfect quality leather, you will need the binoculars. You can find it in the objects section of the equipment wheel. With the binoculars equipped you could study the animals from the distance, follow their tracks and discover the quality of their skin. Near its name you will see three stars. Animals with all three illuminated stars are those that can bestow perfect parts. If you do not want to use the binoculars you can achieve the same results by centering the view on your prey or through the gun sight. But in this case you will have to approach it, with the risk of alerting it.

However, even an animal in perfect condition may not guarantee you perfect skin if you do not act in the right way. Using the wrong weapon or ammunition or using too many shots to bring the animal down will, in fact, irreparably compromise the quality of the booty.

To understand which is the ideal weapon to hunt your prey, we advise you to consult from time to time the Compendium or the ladder that you find in the next section of this guide. Once you’ve equipped the right weapon and the right ammunition, you’ll need to make sure you hit a vital organ , such as your brain and heart, or a critical area , such as your stomach and lungs. In this way you will eliminate your goal without compromising the quality of the skin obtainable.