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How to get obtain so much money Monster Hunter World

How to get obtain so much money Monster Hunter World. The dealers in Monster Hunter – World are happy. As a hunter you depend on the latest equipment and a bulging inventory. A visit to the blacksmith is at the top of your agenda.

And the traders are really smart, because in the course of the story your purse is actually always well filled. Only when you reach the High Rank climes (starting at Hunter Rank 6) and your hunter-existence no longer wants to hang up, the prices increase drastically . But do not worry, because there is a very lucrative method in the game to get to Zenny!

Farmers seed and sell – How to get obtain so much money Monster Hunter World

Before we come to the Holy Grail of Zenny Farms, we will introduce you to a method that is not as effective, but accessible to you sooner. Power Seeds are relatively rare items that you can find in the Wildtower Wasteland (Section 4).You can find a location on the following map.

You can sell a power seed for 140 Zenny . This is not bad, but certainly not lucrative enough to collect them individually. Rather, you have to grow power seed at the botanist. They pile up over time and bring you 14,000 zenny if you have 100 pieces.

To unlock power seeds for cultivation, you must first complete a quest. After defeating Tobi Kadachi in the story, you must accept the optional 3 ★ Quest Prickly Predicament on the Quest Board. Complete the quest by collecting 20x Bauble Cactus . If you have any problems with the search, we recommend this video of the YouTube channel PunchNshoot :

Farm with the bandit coat Zenny – How to get obtain so much money Monster Hunter World

The key to your future wealth is the bandit cloak. If you carry this in the fight against big beasts, the monsters will be regularly forced to drop valuable items.As an advanced hunter, you’ll just pick up a low rank monster and after a few minutes, farm lots of special scales (only for sale) that you can sell for 1,000 or even 5,000 zenny. Since you are permanently on the hunt, farm Zenny and become rich!

How do you get this great coat? At the end of the story, you can accept the 5-★ quest redefinition of the “power couple” from the shop assistant at the equipment store . You have to beat Rathalos and Rathian! While this is a challenging task, the bandit coat is definitely worth the effort.