How to find the treasure Jack Hall band Red Dead Redemption 2

The one that brings to the treasure of the Jack Hall band is one of the first maps you can get in Red Dead Redemption 2 and will allow you to get a good reward, even if the search will not be a walk properly. This is why we have prepared this handy guide for you, which will greatly facilitate your task.

How to find the treasure Jack Hall band Red Dead Redemption 2

Like all the treasure maps of Red Dead Redemption 2, the search for the treasure from the Jack Hall band is also divided into several parts. You will have to recognize the places in the drawings on the treasure map in the game world and conduct a thorough search, but the reward will surely repay you for your efforts. Having unlocked the quick trip will greatly simplify your company.


On the cliff overlooking the Dakota River, west of the  Flatneck Station , you will find an NPC named  Maximo . Buy the treasure map from him for $ 10 (or steal it) and you’ll be able to start the first part of this treasure hunt.

Apparently if after meeting Maximo you do not buy the treasure map, or kill him without looting his body, you should still be able to buy the map from a fence later in the game.

The first map shows us  Caliban’s Seat , which is just south of  Valentine .

Once climbed you will see a ridge to the east, where you have to leave the horse to continue on foot. At the top, looking towards Valentine, you will find a path that goes down to the right.

Follow the path, jumping between the ledges and climbing until you feel you can not go any further. It is here that you will be able to find the second part of the map, along with a pearl necklace.


The second map shows us  Cotorra Springs , which is located north of  Fort Wallace  in the game map. If you take the train from Valentine you can get off at  New Handover, Bacchus Station  and you will definitely find yourself near your destination.

Once in Cotorra Springs, position yourself at the bottom of the rocks, so you have a geyser to the north, one to the northeast and finally to the northwest. On the pile of rocks you will find the third treasure map of Jack Hall.

There is also a  legendary animal  to hunt here, always if you want to face a wolf.


Now that you have the third treasure map of the Jack Hall band, you’ll have to head to the east side of The Grizzlies and, in particular, to  O’Creagh’s Run

There is an island in the middle of the lake and if you look to the south, under a rock you will finally get your reward. In fact, you will find  2 gold bars  that are worth a lot of money. Bring them from a fence and he will buy them for $ 500 each