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How to find all camps Monster Hunter World

How to find all camps Monster Hunter World. The five areas in Monster Hunter World are big and can torment you with long runs. You can prevent that if you find all the camps in the areas. But that’s not easy, because the camps are very well hidden.

How to find all camps Monster Hunter World

What do you bring to camp?

This is actually quite simple. You can choose camps as direct destinations and save so much time. You also respawn at a camp if you have drawn the shorter in combat. It should therefore be top priority to unlock all camps as quickly as possible to explore the game world more conveniently.

Unlock new camps

Unfortunately, finding all camps can be tricky. In the game, the potential camps are not marked on the map . You do not even know if and how many camps you can discover in the area. The rest areas are very well hidden away from the usual ways – keep your eyes open!

Have you found such a rest area, you will be made aware that it would be a good place for a camp. Thereupon, there is a delivery quest in Astera’s Resource Center , which you must complete in order to unlock the camp.

All bearings at a glance – How to find all camps Monster Hunter World

There are 14 camps in the game, which are divided into the five areas. Two areas have four camps and the other three each have two. Use the following links to jump directly to the camp you are looking for in the picture gallery – the map there tells you the location.

  • Ancient forest
    • Southwestern camp (1)
    • Northwestern camp (8)
    • Northeastern camp (11)
    • Camp in the Ancient Forest (17)
  • Wild Tower wasteland
    • Southwestern camp (1)
    • Central warehouse (6)
    • Eastern Camp (11)
    • Northeastern camp (15)
  • Coral Highlands
    • Southern camp (1)
    • Northeastern camp (12)
  • Valley of decay
    • Southeastern camp (1)
    • Central warehouse (11)
  • Home of the elders
    • Southern camp (1)
    • Eastern Camp (8)