How to change your level of honor Red Dead Redemption 2

The honor system is not only part of the main game of Red Dead Redemption 2 , but is also present in the online part of the title. In this  guide to Red Dead Online, we will explain  how to reset your level of honor,  so you can remedy if you have taken the wrong direction for too long.

As mentioned earlier, honor is present in both Red Dead Redemption 2 modes. It works similarly for both online players and single player players, however, if you go around killing people indiscriminately, your honor score will decrease fast enough.

First of all know that if you choose to let your enemies live when you are offered the option in various Red Dead online missions, your honor score will increase. For example, in the introductory section of Red Dead Online, you will be given the option to kill a bandit and take his treasure map, or take the treasure map and let it escape. It is not necessary for you to specify which of the two options corresponds to an increase or decrease of your honor score. true?

If you want to check your honor score at any time in Red Dead Online, open the pause menu. Then select the ‘Player’ option, then select the voice of your created character.

After this, select the ‘General’ option and you will be able to see the level of your current honor. When you pass the “honor” option on the list, you will see that there is a line of text near the lower left corner of the screen.

This will tell you if your current honor score has any effect on the world around you in Red Dead Online. For example, you could say that store prices will decrease if you have a good level of honor, or increased if this level is negative.

How to reset your level of honor on Red Dead Online

But how to do it when you take the wrong direction for too long and need to change your level of honor in Red Dead Online? If you need to reset your level of honor, you can go to Old Man Jones, at the point on the map below.

However, there is a cost for this. Old Man Jones, in fact, will neutralize your honor in Red Dead Online, but this will cost you three gold bars each time you want to