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How to change appearance, clothes and hair Red Dead Redemption 2

At the beginning of Red Dead Online  you will be able to create your character through a rich editor. In this mode you will be able to choose whether to be a male or female character. Then you open a wide range of shapes of the face, hair, eye color that allow you to better customize your character.

How to change appearance, clothes and hair Red Dead Redemption 2

The style of the hair, as well as that of the beard, can be customized according to length, color and of course you can change the complexion, age and any scars. In short, you certainly have a wide choice. Below you can also take a look at the video that shows the editor

Can I change my character once I enter the game?

Unfortunately you will not be able to change your character once you start playing. You can instead cancel the character and start over, but obviously you will lose all your progress. Unlike GTA Online, you can only have one character at a time in Red Dead Online.

However, you will be able to change your hairstyle and beard at any time during the game, as well as your clothes and some other changes like the way you walk.

To change hair and facial hair you will have to  visit a barber in one of the big cities . Here you will be able to customize the style and color of the hair, in addition to the beard and the sideburns.

To change clothes, you can visit a tailor in a city, where you can buy new and complete clothes. Remember that certain clothes and items such as hats and rifle belts will only become available when you reach a certain degree, and you will still have to buy them with your hard-earned earnings.

You can also change clothes inside the camp, but you can not buy new ones. Finally, to give your character a more particular walk, just use the UP arrow on the d-pad and you will be able to select a number of different paths. You can also select different emotes.

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