How to Capture Legendary Pokémon in Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee

Below is a guide for Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee that tells you how to find legendary Pokemon and how to capture them. The method to get them all varies from Pokemon to Pokemon. Players will have to fight the legendary Pokemon before they can capture it. The battles against them will be very tough because the legendary will be around the 50-70 lv depending on the Pokemon.

We will also give you advice on which Pokémon to use to make the battles less difficult and collect all the Legendary Pokémon.

Pokemon Let’s Go | Capture Legendary Pokémon

How to capture Articuno

You must be able to use the secret Strong Push technique, which you can use after defeating Erika, and the secret Scivolacqua technique you can get after defeating Koga.

  • From Route 19 use Scivolacqua (Surf)
  • Travel to the Seafoam Islands
  • Use Strong Push to free the path

When you fight with Articuno it will be at level 50.

We recommend using the following Pokemon when you fight Articuno: Aerodactyl, Moltres, Omastar, Machamp, Alolan Golem, Flareon.

How to capture Zapdos

You must defeat Koga, the leader of the gym in Fucsiapoli, this will allow you to travel using Scivolacqua (Surf).

  • Go to Route 10
  • Use Water Slide (Surf) to navigate to the power plant visible from Route 10.

When you fight with Zapdos it will be level 50.

We recommend using the following pokemon when fighting Zapdos: Golem, Rhydon and Onix

How to capture Moltres

You need to collect all the badges from Head Gym, which allow access to Victory Road

  • Find Moltres at the end of Victory Road
  • When you fight against Moltres it will be level 60.

We recommend using the following Pokemon when you fight against Moltres: Golem, Rhydon, Omastar, Gyarados, Lapras, Blastoise and Zapdos if you’ve already captured it.

How to capture Mewtwo

You have to collect all the badges from Head Gym and defeat the Elite Four of the Pokemon League, after which you will have access to the Cerulean Cave.

  • Fly north until you reach Route 24.
  • Use Scivolacqua (Surf) to navigate south

When you fight against Mewtwo it will be at level 70