How to beat and kill Diablos Monster Hunter World

How to beat and kill Diablos Monster Hunter World. The Sublime Horn is a very rare material in Monster Hunter World that you will need as an advanced hunter to forge strong gear. But it can take hours for the first horn to land in your inventory . We explain the conditions and give you a few tips on “Farming”!

How to beat and kill Diablos Monster Hunter World

So you get the Sublime Horn

As a veteran of the series, you know that Diablos leaves the Sublime Horn. Your task sounds simple, right? No way! Only the High Rank Diablo can drop the horn and only if you destroy both horns ! But that’s not all: even if you cut off both horns of Diablos, you only have an 8% chance to get a Sublime Horn.

Diablos himself is quickly found. The dragon usually lingers in its cave, which you can locate in section 13 of the Wildtower Wasteland.

Practically, you do not have to defeat Diablos. All you have to do is cut off both horns and then return from your expedition to Astera. The next screen will show you the special reward. You will most likely receive a Horn Turned and, with much luck, the Sublime Horn.

Defeat Diablos and cut off horns – How to beat and kill Diablos Monster Hunter World

The fight against Diablos has it all. But if you are well prepared, after a few tries, you will become a skilled Diablos hunter. Note the following points if you want to cut off the horns or even defeat Diablos:

  • If you are only out to farm the sublime horns, then you should only direct your attacks on the horns. It is best to use a Greatsword or a Hammer as these weapons are suitable for breaking.
  • Diablos is prone to ice and paralysis. At best, you have a strong weapon that can help you out. Firearms are not recommended.
  • When choosing your armor, you can eliminate potential element damage.Diablos does not spit fire, nor does he poison you like others of his kind.Instead, he relies on brute force. Choose the pieces of armor that promise the highest defense.
  • To successfully cut off his horns, Diablos has to hold still. So try to make him unable to move with lightning capsules. The Palico gadget “Lightning Fly Cage” can also be very useful. Your Palico will dazzle Diablos. If the ability is well-balanced, your cat can even set up shock traps. In the linked guide you will learn how to get the gadget.

Diablos acts very wild and is hard to control.

  • In Diablo’s Cave, there are many rock pillars that you can use for your purposes. Try to direct his savage attacks on the pillars. Dodge in time to make Diablos’ horns acquainted with the rocks. In addition, there are lightning flies in the cave, which you can dazzle Diablos.
  • Diablos likes to burrow in the sand to attack you from the underground. Try to stop this attack in time with cryptic capsules.
  • After knocking off Diablos’ horns, his belly should be the next target, if you’re not just looking for the sublime horn. The abdomen is another weak point of the Wyvern.
  • If you use a hammer as recommended, the dunes of the Wildtower Wasteland are great for charged downslide attacks. With that you can jumpon Diablos relatively easily and do him so much damage.

We hope that our tips will help you in the fight against the beast. Finally, it is worth mentioning again that you do not have to defeat Diablos if you only want the sublime Horn. Once the horns are off, you can escape from the fight.