How to aim to PUBG?

How to aim to PUBG? – Guide to sights

We review everything related to the sights and how to aim in PUBG, with tips and tutorials adapted to each zoom:

In general, we must know when to use each type of sight, and have it well configured:

Measuring the distances : The main thing is to know to what distances are our objectives. So we have to learn to calculate them even before going to shoot

The best way to calculate the distances, apart from learning to measure them in the minimap, is to use the references of the sights, as we will explain later.

Adapt the sight : As much as you like a look, you must change it according to the occasion. In general, the red dot is best for short distances, while x4 or x8 zooms are best for medium / long distances.

Mouse sensitivity : Obviously the best is the one you like. But usually put low sensitivity from X4, and a high sensitivity (not too much), below x4

Visibility : Finally, to aim it is essential that you have good visibility, even in the darkest areas. In addition to the tricks, which we recommend you look at, we recommend using ReShade , you will see infinitely better.

Posting in PUBG – Mira x8

When using this scope, the impacts will occur in different places depending on the distance that the target is:

  • 100 meters: The bullet will strike right at the center point
  • 200 meters: The bullet will hit right in the center of the next black horizontal stripe. From there for every 100 meters we descend a horizontal black stripe.

The look itself, moreover, will help us to calculate the distances:

  • 100 meters: The width of the shoulders is greater than the first horizontal black line
  • 200 meters: The width of the shoulders coincides with the first horizontal black line
  • 300 meters: The width of the shoulders coincides with the second horizontal black line