Hearthstone – How to Play

How to Play Hearthstone

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is a collectible card game in which our aim is none other than to use the cards of our deck to face another player (or AI) and reduce his health to zero . For this, we will have decks of 30 cards that we can build with freedom to create our own style of play and combat strategies.

The rules of the title are very simple. At the beginning of the game we will be able to exchange the cards of our initial hand (made up of three cards, four if our opponent starts the game) for the next ones in the deck in case we are not satisfied with what has touched us.

After this, it is decided at random which player starts the game . To compensate for the delay turn to the second man, he receives an extra card in his starting hand and a coin to use at the time we want it to increase by one the maximum number of mana crystals during a single turn.

Development of shifts

The first thing to keep in mind in Hearthstone is that everything has a cost of mana crystals . This means that if we intend to use a card or the power of our hero, we will have to pay its cost, which is indicated in the upper left corner of each card.

At the beginning of the game we will only have a crystal, but for each turn that passes will recharge all our reserves and will expand in one our maximum , allowing us to do more things and use more powerful cards as you progress and the confrontation progresses, so much of the strategy of the game is to know how to manage these crystals head to use our cards at the right time.

In fact, many decks basing their combat style on putting up with it for several turns to destroy the opponent with an invincible army, while others seek to finish the game as quickly as possible before the opponent can be strengthened.

So, once we’ve done all our actions and spent as many mana crystals as we can, we’ll just have to end the turn so our enemy can continue the game . Highlight that at the beginning of each of our turns we will automatically steal a card from our deck.

Types of cards Hearthstone

Minions : These are the most common ones and will allow us to bring down to the board a creature with unique life characteristics (represented by the number that is located in the lower right corner of the card) and attack (lower left corner). In addition, the vast majority have some kind of effect and additional skill that we can use in our favor.

Usually, a Minion can not attack in the same turn he is lowered to the table unless he has the ability to load, so we have to take this into account before using them, since we do not want to use to a powerful creature and that this can be destroyed by our rival before he has the opportunity to do something.

Once they can act, it is possible to emphasize that the minions can only attack once per turn, although eye, if they attack something that also has an attack value, like another henchman or a hero with weapon, will also receive damage equal to that number . In this way, if, for example, we attack a creature that does four points of damage when ours only has 3, we will lose it safely, so it is very important to choose our targets, since it is not always appropriate to sacrifice to a henchman to destroy an enemy. In fact, there are times when the best we can do is do nothing.


Within this category, there are some henchmen who belong to a particular family, such as Beasts or Robots. There are certain cards with unique effects that only affect the members of a particular family, so we can build decks designed to make great combinations that make cards seem not very powerful, strengthen each other to become a real danger .

Spells : These cards activate some kind of effect when used and are discarded immediately. These effects can range from direct damage to the opponent (either being able to choose us or randomly) to more subtle ones, like stealing cards from our deck or empowering one of our henchmen. There are a lot of different effects possible and many of them are unique and exclusive, so it is good to analyze all the spells we have to put them in our deck or not.

To emphasize that, just as there are decks that are constructed thinking the henchmen as the main source offensive, others prefer to base almost all their style of game in the use of spells, since these do not have the limitations of the Horsemen (for example, they are not affected by the provoking ability and with direct damage spells we can directly attack the rival hero, while a creature would be forced to finish first with the henchman who had that ability).

Team : Unlike most cards, these are designed to strengthen and directly empower our hero. The majority of this type of cards are weapons that are wearing away with the use and that give us the possibility to attack once per turn also with our character, being able to gain in this way damage and additional effects.