Hearthstone Best Decks

Exclusive: we have the Hearthstone best decks. There are a lot of letters and classes so it can sometimes be difficult to work out a good deck with which to eliminate your opponents . However we have gone through all the internet forums and websites and compared statistics and win ratios to confirm which are the most broken decks and how you can replicate them to win in your games.

Druid Aggro Token

Percentage of victories: approximately 54%

This deck is the best deck for the Druid with which even beginners could win since it breaks quite the goal of the game . With it we can do a significant amount of damage to our enemies and keep the pressure on them throughout the game. It is also one of the most aggressive decks in the game.

The expansion of Knights of the Frozen Throne has only improved, with the inclusion of new cards, so we could be talking about one of the most OP decks in Hearthstone .


It is a lightning strike deck , with which you can put pressure on your enemies from the first minutes of the game, as it is based on the generation of pirate minions with weapons and synergies at the beginning of the game to pressure the opponents. This is a very controversial deck since it is capable of making the games last very little. However it spends a lot of mana so you have to play it head.

Strategy and advice

Although it is a very strong mallet and with which to dominate fast , it has its weak point in which it spends much manáreason why it is necessary to play it with head, since if we spend our resources in generating minions and arms and they destroy them with letters which simply instantly disable them, like golakka crawler, acid marsh mucus, glutinous mucus or Harrison Jones , we will be sold.

In order to be able to start well, we must try to have among our letters some of the following: the bosun of N’Zoth , the seafarer of the seas of the south , the ax of igneous war , assailant Velasangre and the terrifying corsair and even better! .

Be careful not to over-boost your henchmen if they can be destroyed with a single card or you will waste the powerups easily.

A start-up combo consisting of patches by the pirate, the ccontramestre of N’Zoth, and the seafarer of the south seascan guarantee a good starting start and control table.


Realize that the terrifying corsair can be summoned by 0 mana if we have the ignited warhead equipped and boosted with upgrade! .

Paladin Murloc

Percentage of victories: approximately 53%

The middle range paladin is one of the most classic decks however the mix that has been achieved with the murlocs , from the expansion of Un ‘Goro has given a breath of fresh air that also reinforces one of its weak points , (slowness) by allowing him relatively quick summoning of these squalid henchmen, while keeping his potential halfway / end of the game intact.