Hearthstone Best Decks

Exclusive: we have the Hearthstone best decks. There are a lot of letters and classes so it can sometimes be difficult to work out a good deck with which to eliminate your opponents . However we have gone through all the internet forums and websites and compared statistics and win ratios to confirm which are the most broken decks and how you can replicate them to win in your games.

The best Hearthstone Decks are:

  • Druid Aggro Token
  • Aggro Pirate Warrior
  • Paladin Murloc
  • Jade Druid

Druid Aggro Token

Percentage of victories: approximately 54%

This deck is the best deck for the Druid with which even beginners could win since it breaks quite the goal of the game . With it we can do a significant amount of damage to our enemies and keep the pressure on them throughout the game. It is also one of the most aggressive decks in the game.

The expansion of Knights of the Frozen Throne has only improved, with the inclusion of new cards, so we could be talking about one of the most OP decks in Hearthstone .

How to create it?

Druid Cards

  • Stimulate x2
  • Enchanted Crow x2
  • Mark of lotus x2
  • Sword Druid x2
  • Mark of Y’Shaarj x2
  • Power of the wild x2
  • Lord of the crypt x2
  • Wild roar x2
  • Living Manna x2

Neutral letters

  • Corsair velasangre x2
  • Fire Bug x2
  • Patches the pirate
  • Alchemist Crazy x2
  • Fearful Wolf Alpha x2
  • Vicious Chick x2
  • Hydra Olamarga

Strategy and advice

This deck is based largely on what is known as a snowball technique , that is, it consists of taking out all possible weak minions very fast and boost them to make them difficult creatures to kill . Like a snowball that gets bigger and bigger. For this and to explain the game strategy with this deck, it is necessary to focus on the selection phase of cards and with which to stay at the beginning.

Currently this mallet is nerfeado, since before it benefited too much of the letter stimulate , which gave a great advantage to the beginning of the game, although although the power to stimulate has been reduced, it is still an excellent option and now the games will be more balanced.

For the card preparation phase, it will be important to have the corsair Velasangre , which gets its importance thanks to Patches the pirate , and also could help us to have a good start, fire bug , enchanted crow (an excellent card with which start in any situation) and druid of the swarm , as it can help you protect your minions on the table.

Y’Shaarj’s mark is only appropriate to keep it at the beginning of the game if we combine it with enchanted crow and the same happens with a savage chick a very powerful card, but with which we should only stay if we believe that our opponent will not be able to face it on his next turn.


Agro Pirate Warrior

Percentage of victories: approximately 53%

It is a lightning strike deck , with which you can put pressure on your enemies from the first minutes of the game, as it is based on the generation of pirate minions with weapons and synergies at the beginning of the game to pressure the opponents. This is a very controversial deck since it is capable of making the games last very little. However it spends a lot of mana so you have to play it head.

How to create it?

Warrior Cards

  • N’Zoth’s foreman
  • Improvement! x2
  • Fire Ax of War x2
  • Heroic Strike x2
  • Cultora Velasangre x2
  • Demented rabid x2
  • Elite Kor’kron x2
  • Arcanite Mower x2

Neutral letters

  • Patches the pirate
  • Sailor of the South Seas x2
  • Assault on the moon x2
  • Captain of the South Seas x2
  • Scary corsa x2
  • Ghost Saker
  • Spellbinder
  • Hydra olamargax2
  • Leeroy Jenkins

Strategy and advice

Although it is a very strong mallet and with which to dominate fast , it has its weak point in which it spends much manáreason why it is necessary to play it with head, since if we spend our resources in generating minions and arms and they destroy them with letters which simply instantly disable them, like golakka crawler, acid marsh mucus, glutinous mucus or Harrison Jones , we will be sold.

In order to be able to start well, we must try to have among our letters some of the following: the bosun of N’Zoth , the seafarer of the seas of the south , the ax of igneous war , assailant Velasangre and the terrifying corsair and even better! .

Be careful not to over-boost your henchmen if they can be destroyed with a single card or you will waste the powerups easily.

A start-up combo consisting of patches by the pirate, the ccontramestre of N’Zoth, and the seafarer of the south seascan guarantee a good starting start and control table.

Realize that the terrifying corsair can be summoned by 0 mana if we have the ignited warhead equipped and boosted with upgrade! .

Paladin Murloc

Percentage of victories: approximately 53%

The middle range paladin is one of the most classic decks however the mix that has been achieved with the murlocs , from the expansion of Un ‘Goro has given a breath of fresh air that also reinforces one of its weak points , (slowness) by allowing him relatively quick summoning of these squalid henchmen, while keeping his potential halfway / end of the game intact.

How to create it?

Paladin Cards

  • Malachite buddy x2
  • Just Protector x2
  • Inquisitor Anca Vil x2
  • Hydrologist x2
  • Tirion Vadín
  • Guardian of the sun Tarim
  • Blessing of Kings x2
  • Sheet of reinforcements x2
  • Thorny mount x2

Neutral letters

  • Clamamareas Murloc x2
  • Hunter Pozarroca x2
  • War Leader Murloc x2
  • Defender piedraloma x2
  • Megasaurio Friendly x2
  • Mrginja, the Flying Star
  • Bone nightmare x2
  • The Curator

Strategy and advice

This paladin deck combines the best of 2 worlds , so dominating it may require a little experience, and depending on the situation, you can play in one way or another.

Depending on the opponent, we can choose to attack quickly with our army of murlocs or play in a more leisurely way, although for the preparation phase of letters it would always be advisable to count as much as possible with: fair protector , inquisitive hip villain, hunter Pozarroca and the hydrologist . And if certain conditions are met we could also opt for: murloc war leader or the reinforcement sheet to empower the minions on the board.

One of the biggest advantages of this deck is that it allows you to adapt quickly to changes and different situations that take place during the game as you can fill the table of murlocs, play slower to gain power, change to lethal damage, etc.

The mid-range champion, merged with Murlocs, is a perfect deck for those who prefer to improvise and play differently depending on the situation and with which you will never get bored.


Jade Druid


Win percentage: approximately 51%

It is one of the most popular and used decks in the game and one of the most powerful since forever. Although it has been varying as updates have been made, it is still based on the same principle, create and create more jelly monsters with which to crush in number to our enemies, for this it is of special importance to use the letter idol of Jade , that well used to half-end of the game can guarantee the victory, so good is this mallet that has suffered several nerfeos with the time and still continues giving fight.

How to create it?

Druid Cards

  • Stimulate x2
  • Jade Idol x2
  • Wild growth x2
  • Cholera x2
  • Jade bud x2
  • Fandral Corzocelada
  • Scourge x2
  • Nourish x2
  • Contagious Plague x2
  • Jade Behemoth x2
  • Malfurion the pestilent
  • Kun the forgotten king
  • Ultimate infestation x2

Neutral Cards

  • Spirit of Jade x2
  • Spellbinder
  • Hunter of beasts
  • Aya Zarpa Negra
  • The Black Knight
  • Primary Draco

Strategy and advice

The jade druid may be weak against aggressive and fast decks but for this it will be very important to play the contagious plague card to contain the most pitched opponents and gain time to create more jade minions, as the jade druid reaches its true potential in the middle of the game, so the start can be the most complicated .

For the preparation phase of cards, we should try to stay with stimulate , wild growth and outbreak of jade , letters with which to expand our reserves of mana. Leaving jade idol for later and nurturing in case we face an opponent who tries to keep the pressure on us from minute 1 as it is the weakness of this deck.

In most bouts your objective will be to “ramp up” as fast as possible, ie try to get your heavyweights out as soon as possible. If you play against an aggro opponent your best bet is to eliminate the henchmen with anger while gaining time and mana for your tactic. Sometimes the pressure on you will be so strong that you will need to use Fender Corzocelada , but if you play against control enemies, it may be better technique to wait a little to use that card to take advantage of its effects on several minions.

Fandral Corzocelada and other of the unique cards of your deck are very good, so use them with your head. Nutrir is a card that combines and works very well with jade idol and cholera. Although this also works well with the battle cry of Malfurion the Pestilent and his hero power.


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