HBO Go activate

HBO GO is the formula they have devised on HBO to broadcast their streaming content, we tell you how HBO Go activate. Far from the cable channels that served to their birth in the United States. Like Netflix, Amazon Video or Hulu, we can see HBO on virtually any device with internet connection because where there is no official app, there is a web browser with which to access its content.

In the same way that Vodafone can access HBO through its decoder, something that will also happen when HBO lands with other operators and that will happen equally in other countries, we may have separate apps. One of the most interesting apps for this will be, of course, the one designed for mobile phones. Seeing mobile content is a rising trend, and HBO Go activate is also present in mobile operating systems.

Thus, HBO GO is present in both Google Play and other application stores. To give us an idea, we will have HBO GO with consoles, computers, content players like Roku and even on smart tvs. But what interests us at the moment is its list of mobile apps, and here it is talking about both Android and iOS .

HBO GO on the mobile

If we want to see HBO Go activate on the mobile we will have to meet some requirements, such as having an Android phone with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean or an iPhone with iOS 8 . These two versions of both operating systems are the minimum to access HBO GO apps, although maybe if we do the apk on our own (in the case of Android) could work if you do not need more advanced system APIs than the present On Android 4.0 and earlier.

Of course, to see HBO GO we will have to be physically in a country where the service is supported. At least to download the application in the first instance. Just like in Netflix, HBO GO detects if our country has its streaming service or not and therefore, or makes it impossible for us to see it or not allow us to download the app on the mobile phone. At the moment, for example, it is not possible to download the app in Spain when the arrival has been announced but has not yet been effective.

How to Get Netflix for Free

Both apps, both iOS and Android, are completely free as what we pay on HBO is the service. Once downloaded, we will only have to login with our user and password inside it and ready , we will have all the content of HBO GO without restrictions. There is no difference between HBO’s mobile apps and those of service providers like Vodafone or other operators.

We previously commented on the maximum number of concurrent users for each HBO GO account and it is a very important fact. For each registered user, HBO offers two simultaneous uses, which means that one can be watching HBO on television and another on the mobile or, this is important, both at the same time on the mobile . There is no option for more users like Netflix’s highest service, at least for now.

Apple TV or Chromecast? Of course

As for accessories, HBO Go activate is also available for Apple TV and in all apps we will have native support with Google Chromecast. If at any given moment we want to move a movie or series from the mobile to television, just connect HBO GO with our Chromecast to continue to see what we want on the big screen.

So you already know what to do if HBO broadcasts officially in your country and you want to access it through your mobile phone. The apps are not too heavy (just over 30MB on Android and 38MB on iOS) so internal storage will not be a relevant problem. Simply subscribe, download the apps and start seeing what you have for you. Can I have a personal recommendation? Boardwalk Empire.