A guy checked in a can of beer as luggage for his travel

An Australian who shows up as Dean flew Saturday with Qantas airline from Melbourne to Perth and the only baggage he billed at the airport was a can of beer, an Emu Export beer.

As he told the Mashable portal  , the idea came to him when he was with a friend and he did it just for fun.

The Australian acknowledges that he noticed “some resistance” at the Melbourne airport’s automatic check-in counter at the time of registering the can as a purse. To get it used a tray in which usually place the bags and so the system gave green light.

The beer appeared on the luggage belt in Perth just as Dean had billed it, although the passenger “was prepared to report the loss of luggage” if his can had not reached the destination. If it had arrived empty, “maybe I could have forgiven the baggage managers for not being able to resist the temptation”, said the Australian.