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Guide Arena of Valor

Guide Arena of Valor

The MOBA genre is perhaps the one with the greatest growth in the video game world of recent years. Thanks to the irruption of titles like DOTA 2 and League of Legends and to the establishment of the competitions of electronic sports known like eSports , this type of titles have managed to drag to an enormous amount of users, who have seen in their competitive style and multiplayer a simple way to get into digital entertainment and to make a name in the internet era.

Arena of Valor is a MOBA – multiplayer online battle arena – that invites us to form teams of five players through the Internet and fight, transferring the most classic formula of the genre to laptops like Switch and mobile phones. The video game will therefore continue to present certain basic elements within the formula, such as the usual streets or lanes of the maps, the so-called jungle and a squad of differentiated heroes with very specific abilities and roles within the battle and clans or teams.

The title allows you to play both with contacts and friends as with random people through a classic matchmaking , and has support for voice chat. The games as we told you are faster and more intense than the PC MOBA, reducing the duration of 45 minutes to just 10 or 15 minutes , something that makes the style as strategic and tactical, but more frantic.

It is a very complete offer, since it includes several game modes and a free-to-play system of microntransacciones that will help us to buy accessories and aspects , but without falling into the dangerous dichotomy of buying to win in the games. Those responsible have already clarified by active and passive that will avoid the compulsive purchase to win or prosper and thus unbalance matches.

One of the inherent characteristics of the MOBA is the task of equipping and matching the armor, objects and accessories of our hero correctly . The equipment of weapons, clothes and objects will provide us with a series of unique bonuses, which will also vary according to the type of character we have chosen or have in preference. Buying compulsively is not recommended, and we urge you, especially in this title, to think before spending the virtual currencies that work so hard to win.

To purchase objects, click on the cart that we have in the interface and enter the video game store. There we will find hundreds of objects, divided into categories of attack, defense, magic, movement and jungle. Depending on the class of our character, we can buy some things or others, especially given our role on the battlefield. In addition, we must take into account the use and training of the opposing team. That is to say, if by some chance we observe that its equipment is plagued of users expert in magic or jungle, we must equip ourselves with certain objects that help us to protect us. In other words, the equipment of our hero must vary according to the strategy and the way of playing of our rivals, but we must never forget the role that we are going to play in battle.

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