Free cards in Clash Royale

How to get free cards in Clash Royale


  • Shop: The store always has common cards from the beginning of the game. Their appearance is random and their starting price is 2 per card, increasing by 2 more for each additional card you buy.
  • Safes: In all the coffers there will always be common cards, except for the Legendary Chest and Epic Chest. In addition, they come out more than the other cards.
  • Ordering from the clan: It is possible to order from 10 to 40 common cards (depending on the arena) in the clan, and other players can donate 1 to 8 cards per player. This request can be requested every 7 hours and you can choose which letter to request.


  • Shop: It is possible to purchase 1 in the store at 20. The logic of appearance is the same as in common letters.
  • Safes: Can be obtained by coffers of any kind, in all it is possible to have one secured, except the silver coffers and wooden coffers (unless you are in sand 9 or higher, where there is a small percentage of possibility that it appears).
  • Asking the clan: It is possible to order from 1 to 4 specials (again, depending on the arena in which the player is) being in a clan. The other players will be able to donate a maximum of 1 card per player.


  • Shop: It is possible to buy 1 per store for 1,000. Epic cards will not always appear in the store, although, on Sundays, 2 of them (1 insured) are available to players and with the same random logic as in the other types of cards.
  • Safes: They can be obtained by means of coffers of any type, but only the epic, magical and supermágicos coffers assure their obtaining. They appear in a very limited amount, being the purchase of epic chests (for 10,000 when it appears on offer in the store) the most efficient option to obtain a large amount of these cards.
  • Asking the clan: Currently only “epic” Sundays give the possibility of asking epic letters. Your request during the rest of days of the week is vetoed. It is possible to order from 1 to 4 specials (depending on the arena in which the player is) being in a clan. In this sense, it works just like the special cards.



  • Shop: It is possible to acquire them by the store to 40,000 but it is necessary to accede to the arena Montepuerco or the legendary sand so that it is unlocked this option. In addition, it is very unlikely that they will appear there, limited to a few times a week.
  • Safes: All, with a low probability that increases the rarer the chest, except the legendary, which ensures a legendary, and the epic, which is impossible to come out legendary. The icon of the remaining cards begins to change color when a legendary one will appear in the respective vault. A legendary chest, which costs 500 gems, can also be sold as a special offer at the store.
  • Special Challenges: Normally, when a new legendary card is announced, a special challenge will appear in which it is required to win 12 victories (with a maximum of 3 losses) to acquire the legendary prematurely to its general exit. Other challenges also allow the achievement of legendary as a reward to overcome, although they are usually very competitive.