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Fortnite Guide

Fortnite Guide

Fortnite is a new proposal from Epic Games, the creators of games as well known as the Gears of War franchise . A title that offers a very multiplayer-oriented sandbox approach in which multiple game elements come together to give us a single purpose: to survive a monstrous invasion that has wiped out the vast majority of the population. Will you be able to stand it? With this special report we show you everything you have to know about this adventure and what to do to stay alive during the first levels.


Although at the beginning you will be given, later you will be able to choose your protagonist between four fundamental options : soldier, ninja, outlander and builder. And these classes can evolve with the increase of power and rise of corresponding statistics as we play, but for this it is necessary to run it a bit and get certain objects, activate certain skills, etc.

As each one is quite different and has its own characteristics , it is important to know all of them well to choose the one that best suits your way to play this type of titles. An election that has a lot of transcendence, so think well what you are looking for your protagonist.

If you have doubts, we recommend that you choose the soldier . We seem to be one of the most balanced characters and comes to be the typical protagonist that you could find in any traditional shooter . Evidently his forte has to do with combat, being the most qualified to face such battles and the only one capable of handling certain types of explosive arsenal. And as after all the scruples are the most complicated and challenging moments that this production proposes, it is one of the best characters for the majority of users, at least at the beginning.

The ninja , on the other hand, is a more specialized type of character and is endowed with certain special abilities very useful , like to be able to execute a double jump, ideal to reach zones not too accessible without having to waste resources creating elements like stairs. He is also an expert with swords and katanas, causing much more damage with these weapons than the rest of the characters. And finally, his speed is higher than normal, being a very agile character. But he has a very big, and he is a very weak and vulnerable against the rivals, which makes him an ideal candidate for the most expert … and for those who will be part of a good online team compensated.

As for the Outlander , it is the typical class of personage very specialized in the obtaining of resources , being its dominant area. That is why they have the great ability to obtain more resources and treasures than the rest of the protagonists, making it a perfect type for players who prefer to explore to combat. It is true that it is not so good in its offensive facet nor is it the toughest character, but despite that is a class that is quite interesting and is well adapted both to survival alone and to cooperative matches.

The Builder can give rise to error by its name, since its most striking quality is its resistance. It is the classic protagonist “tank” so traditional in this type of adventures, perfect to play online. In addition it can build some specific constructions that the rest of personages are incapable to elaborate, which supposes a plus to its already mentioned great defensive capacity . Not the most striking protagonist, but one of the most useful and reliable.

How to play

Another key to this title has to do with survival. As if it were a survival , you must go collecting resources relevant found in scenarios such as wood, metal or rock to produce all kinds of objects, from basic items like stairs to different kinds of weapons, both white and explosives or fire.

For this peak is the ideal tool, which in PS4 is selected by pressing and holding the Triangle button . Depending on the object we wish to reduce raw material, either a tree, a rock or a tractor for example, it is necessary to hit the object a number of times until determined is reduced to shreds.

The way to create objects in Fortnite is quite dynamic and not too lioso as it usually happens in other games, being able to create many of them on the fly by means of a simple interface that appears by pressing the Square button and that is shown in the bottom right from the screen. From there, we must select those objects that we want to build or shape on the stage in a very intuitive way.

The number of elements that can be crafted is quite high, which are divided into several categories, one of the most important being that of traps . During the adventure it is necessary to face sieges of enemies that are prolonged for a few moments not too dilated but yes frantic, being fundamental to protect our fort or headquarters in the best possible way before the troops arrive of monsters.

In this case it is necessary to prepare the ground and create traps for floors, ceilings and walls, which allow us to reduce the resistance of the rivals in a comfortable way to finish finishing them using our preferred weapons. It is advisable to dedicate time to this aspect and to raise our defense well before each rival offensive given that it is the best way to survive the hardest moments that the title offers us, at least during the first moments.

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