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FIFA 18 FUT Champions Guide

FUT Champions in FIFA 18 Tutorial – Tips and Tricks

FUT Champions was one of the innovations of FIFA 17, and it destroyed. It is the most complete competitive format of Ultimate Team and FIFA, and the one that has the greatest rewards. It is true that it is not suitable for everyone since it is necessary to devote time. But if you want to compete against the best and win the biggest rewards, you have to be in FUT Champions.

You probably already know him. But we explain it to you in detail in case you are in the premiere or there are things that you are not clear about.

FUT Champions in FUT 18 – Daily Tournaments

They are the weekdays, usually two, although there may be more. They last two days each and will serve to classify us for the day of the weekend.

Each of these daily tournaments, in addition to giving access to the weekend league, has its own rewards. But more importantly, sometimes there are also entry requirements, and the dates are not always the same. You will not miss games during the week, but you may have 6 daily tournaments instead of 2 before a weekend day, and you may want to go for the best (or worst) rewards.

So we recommend that you do not lose sight of the calendar , where the tournaments will be updated.

What never changes is that they last 48 hours, we have 7 tries, the format is a cup, with elimination, they have prizes (usually envelopes and coins) and give access to the day of weekend.

FUT Champions in FUT 18 – Matchday weekend

It is the weekend games, to receive prizes we must play a minimum of five. Although if we win we can get to play 40. And obviously the more games we win better rewards.

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The ways to qualify are:

  • Win a daily tournament
  • To have promoted, to have maintained or to have gained the First division in the season previous to which is being disputed.
  • Get gold rank 3 on the last day of the weekend.

As you could have intuited with the last point, there is a system of rankings or ranks . Depending on the number of victories we get, we can be from bronze 3 to elite one, going through the ranges of silver and gold. And the higher our rank, the better the rewards. Here are the rewards and ranks in FUT Champions

And there is not much more about the weekend, there are 72 hours in which you will have to win as many games as you can. In the same link of the calendar that we left before you can see the dates, but in principle always start on Friday at 9:00 (Spanish time) and end on Monday at 9:00 (Spanish time)

FUT Champions in FUT 18 – Monthly scorers

When we said that it is the most complete competition is because it is really very wide. There is no competition that we should play month by month, but there are some monthly rankings based on the sum of all the weekend days that have been in it.

There are additional rewards or rewards based on our position in the monthly rankings. And from these rankings is where you get the players who will participate in the most important competitions. For example, last year, in order to qualify for the Champions Series or the FIFA Interactive World Cup, you had to be well ranked in the Monthly Markers.