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FIFA 18 – Freekick tutorial

In the following tutorial we explain how to FIFA 18 freekick. With powerful, effective, combined pitches and some tricks for certain situations.

How to score Fouls in FIFA 18?

Random is the game in which we do not have several opportunities to score a goal foul. And turning those chances is a lot easier than it looks. Although you have to go a step beyond simply aiming the squad with the power bar to 50%.

For example, unless we have a great pitcher and a great effect, possibly the simplest way to mark most of the fouls we have, are the powerful throws Knuckleball style or Folha Seca. Although it sounds complicated, they are tremendously simple to execute. But not all foul throwers qualify. And if for example we are stuck to the edge of the area it is probably too close to have a decent chance of scoring. In the same way, no matter how well the shots take effect, depending on the position of the pitch, or the player has a massive EFE, or it will be impossible for the ball to end where we want.

So let’s go explaining one by one all the types of foul throw, what they require, how they run and when they are most advisable:

It is a powerful type of launch, ideal for distant shots. But generally quite effective at any distance greater than three meters from the boundary of the area.

Just hold down L1 / LB, point diagonally and measure power well. Being useful in several distances the power will go from 2.5 bars if we are at the height of the half moon to 3 and a half bars in launches of 35/40 meters.

(It can be done by pointing straight, but the effect is less)