Everything You Need To Know About Niantic’s NEW Terms of Service (TOS) In Pokémon GO! (May 2019)

Everything You Need To Know About Niantic's NEW Terms of Serivice (TOS) In Pokémon GO! New Rules & Regulations! (May 2019) GO High Level F2P Gameplay! ★ Last year in October I covered Niantic's New Terms of Service, and many of you found it very helpful! Very recently, on May 15th, 2019, Niantic updated their TOS once again. Many of you commented and asked me to cover the new changes, and so I went ahead and did just that 🙂 Interestingly enough, Niantic didn't actually update very much in regards to the Terms of Service. A lot of it was very small wording changes and stuff in relation to Harry Potter Wizards Unite. With that being said though, I still went ahead and covered what I felt were some very important things you guys should be aware of, including the use of IV Checkers. Can't tell you how many times I've gotten questions about that over the past few months lol. I am not here to tell you how you should play the game, but if you continue to do things that go against the TOS, however small they may be, you should not be surprised if your account is suspended/terminated without warning. I am merely presenting you with the facts, and what you do with them is completely up to you. My recommendation though, if you do continue to multi-account, share accounts, use IV checkers, etc. is to just keep it low key. Niantic probably won't be able to track you down when you are doing these things, so just make sure not to post it on social media and put yourself in an unfavorable position. Three Strike Discipline/Ban Policy Explained!
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ap8AE7jhumk Everything You Need To Know About Niantic's NEW Terms of Service (TOS) In Pokémon GO! (October 2018)
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