Durango Wildlands Guide

Durango Wildlands Guide and Tricks

Durango Wildlands Cheats – Install / Configure

And before installing anything in the game, we recommend you do two things in the settings:

  • FPS: Putting them in High Quality
  • Resolution: In Medium

This way you will much more fluid the game in any mobile or cellular.

Durango Wildlands Cheats

When you advance a little you can claim your domain. It is a land space where you can build your things, trunks to store, shops to rest, etc.

The domain has a rental cost. As long as you pay, no one can steal you, and you can expand it by paying whatever additional land costs. But if you stop paying the rent get ready because you are going to loot it, and the rent will be higher the more you expand it.

Durango Wildlands Cheats

Sometimes you will have to hunt for meat, other you will simply have to defend against some hostile dinosaur. The attack is clear, it is the symbol on the bottom right, and you can leave it in automatic. Although the button on the right serves to dodge, and to be effective you must press it when the circle of the dinosaur turns yellow

Durango Wildlands Tricks – Tamear

The system is very similar to other survival games. We have to hit the dino to stun him, and give him a meal that he likes. Although we give some advice:

  • If they are in herd we do not get to fight with one in the middle, because we can be thrown all over.
  • For the food that has to be given, let’s think basically of herbivores or carnivores.

Durango Wildlands Cheats – Mascot

In general we can have two types of pets, defensive and offensive, and are usually respectively herbivorous and carnivorous.

  • Defensive or herbivorous: Let’s look for a large one, for example Protoceratops. They have a lot of life and will serve as a shield in any battle. Not that they have much damage, but something they do, and in general are not the fastest.
  • Offensive or carnivorous: There are many, but for example the Deinonychus can do you well. They have more attack and speed, but less life and rarely hide us.

So ideally, as soon as you can, have one of each.

Durango Wildlands Tricks – Life and Energy

Life is the top bar, the red one, and it is filled by resting. For this the ideal is that you advance until you can claim your domain and build a cabin in which to sleep and rest. When you do not have it, a bonfire can serve you, but it is less effective

Energy, is filled by eating, and for this you can hunt or collect. In principle the first thing you find will do. Although the normal thing is that hunting lose some life.