Destiny 2 Free Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs by Destiny 2 – All Secrets

We will explain all the hidden secrets or Easter Eggs of Destiny 2 as we discover them:


Easter Eggs by Destiny 2 – Super Jump

You have to make a series of steps in the Villa, a kind of Gymkhana. When we finish it, our guardian will jump higher, run faster and shine. Basically you have to:

  • Walk on the cables that you see above, from the front when you reach the Villa
  • Walking on the mill wheel
  • Activate a mission at the bonfire and reach all the points that are coming out on the map.


Easter Eggs by Destiny 2 – The Floor is Lava

This secret is achieved in the Tower, and the effects you get are the same as with the super jump. Only now you will have to do some walking without touching the ground. We recommend that you look at the soil and lava tutorial to know the location where it is activated and all possible routes with which you will find.

Easter Eggs by Destiny 2 – The Traveler in the Tower

We have to direct balls to different points of the tower with blows. When we have put them all in place will activate a traveler with which we can do a few tricks. Here we leave the video so you know what to do:


Easter Eggs of Destiny 2 – Secret Room The Tower

We have to follow a route from the hangar where Amanda Holliday is. It is necessary to cross ducts of the ventilation room, although to arrive it is advisable to have the Super Jump that is obtained with the Easter Egg of the Floor is lava. We leave you the video so you know what to do. It starts at 1:44.


Easter Eggs of Destiny 2 – Tower Soccer Field

In the same video above, just after reaching the secret room you will see what happens when you score three goals on the soccer field that is also around the hangar area.

We will continue to include Easter Eggs as soon as we discover them. For sure there are still a lot missing to come out.