Clash Royale – Legendary Cards

Probability of Legendary Cards Clash Royale

At the moment we explain all the ways to get legendary cards in Clash Royale, . But now we are going to analyze the probabilities of each method so that you know the best way to spend your gems.

The legendary probability is 50%, and its cost is 4,600 gems. So the normal thing is that we have to spend 9,200 gems per legend , but nobody assures us that in two attempts we have to leave.

Of course, if we have gems (or money) and want a legendary, it is the fastest method.

All the coffers follow a cycle, 240 coffers among which there is at least one of each type. Once we open all, the cycle is restarted. This means that coffers that contain legendary or that are very likely to have them will pass through our hands. That is why many people choose to pay gems to accelerate the opening of coffers of silver, gold and others, to get to the good before.

The truth is that it is not a great method. The odds of getting legendary in a full cycle are also 50%, but the cost of speeding up all the coffers is 6,312 gems. So we would have to spend 12,624 gems for legendary , and we are not assured by anyone.

This method only applies to who is in Arena 10, but is clearly better. A gold wagon contains 100,000 gold, costs 4,500 gems, and each legendary of those that appear in the store costs 40,000, so we could buy 2.5 legendary per car. And all this means that we would have to spend 1,800 gems per legend . Besides that in this case would be assured and we could even choose the one we like.

If you win a Big Challenge, it would cost 100 gems, you would gain 22,000 gold and you would have a 12.5% ​​chance of legendary. This means that we would be paying 800 gems per legend . Although with the gold you win, if you are in arena 10, you could buy 4 other legendary. So in Arena 10 it has a cost of 160 gems per legendary .

The odds get a bit worse if you win 8 games, but they are interesting. Your cost would be 100, your odds of 2% and gold would be 8,000, you would pay 5,000 per legendary . Although gold makes it interesting for anyone in sand 10, as we would earn enough to buy another 10, leaving the cost in gems for each in less than 500.

It is not the fastest method, but of course it is very cheap compared to the rest. The Legendary Chest appears once every three weeks. It costs 500 gems and ensures a legendary. So we would spend 500 gems per legend . With the inconvenience in front of the gold, that we could not choose it.

After all these methods, draw conclusions. Our opinion is that of someone who has never bought anything at Clash Royale. So sure that some people think differently:

The reality is that we have not even bought any chest, because even the legendary, which is the cheapest, costs 500. And in none of them do you know which one can touch you. In our case we have Chispitas from the beginning and we have not used it to prove it. So it just needed us to play again.

So without a doubt we recommend you, first try to get to Arena 10. Everything changes and can be done perfectly. We did it in 3 or 4 months and surely someone who plays frequently can get there quite a bit. Once you are there, every two or three weeks you can buy one with gold, and only if it is the one you like.

Secondly, the big challenge may be too much to start with. But as long as you can use the gems in 10 gems challenges. It will help you to improve, and when you see well, you try in the big. There besides the odds of you touching legendary in coffers are good, just for the gold you win, you can buy all you want.

Third, think that you are going to play legendary by opening the rest of the coffers. Before we reached Sand 10 we already had 3 or 4.

And finally, the legendary are not so much . There are many very good and sure there are those who would go great, but not being legendary will fit in your deck. We have never used sparks. And the hound and the ice wizard, we hardly use it. The only legendary one we have fixed is the Infernal Dragon, which surely many people do not like. So you see that not all serve for all decks.