Clash Royale Free Gems and Chests

Clash Royale Free Gems

Many are those who constantly ask about the way to get gems or coffers, especially supermágicos or legendary, for free. The truth is we are not going to fool you, if you do not do the application (which will mean the banning of the account by supercell in an almost assured way) there is no way to get free gems … or what? To finish this guide we will teach you some of the tricks or tips to follow to maximize the performance of your gems , get the maximum number of coffers and, ultimately, enjoy the maximum number of possible resources.

Clash Royale is a game that, like many others of the genre, demands time for us to open the coffers. However, this time can be trimmed by the use of gems, thus facilitating the immediate obtaining of what is inside. Our advice here is clear: Do not do it!

One of the slowest but safest ways to get gems is to open chests. Both wood and silver or gold coffers can give us some gems for free. It is true that these will be 2 at the most, but if you comply with the previous rule and do not waste, with the game time we can accumulate large amounts of gems.

Also, open all the coffers without letting them pile up. In this way, you can go cycling coffers indefinitely (at least the free ones) benefiting from the obtaining of gems of which we spoke previously.

Events at Clash Royale have become a central element of their DNA. Today, almost weekly, you can enjoy special events that introduce us to new characters, new game modes or, simply, honor some of those already present. In addition, as it has been habitual lately, the first entry of many of these tournaments is free, granting us if our expertise allows us, great prizes completely by the face. From legendary letters to …. supermágicos coffers, legendary or … gems. It all depends on your ability as a player.

The clan is a fundamental element in this game. Mainly, they will help us raise the level of our letters through donations, but not only that, also if we are generous will allow us to raise ourselves. This will make us better as players and, why not, access better prizes.

As? By means of 3 modalities. The clan chest, which usually contains gems and good cards as long as you surpass the different waves (as we have seen in previous points), competitive tournaments, which can be created by some member of the clan and in which you can aiming completely free of charge, and finally, through support in the 2v2 combats. The latter will make it easier for us to get the crown box in a collaborative way as well as to continue the cycling of our coffers, getting to progress much more and faster than if we work individually individually.