Clash Royale Chests

The Secrets of Clash Royale Chests How to Know the Cycle?

In the next section we will explain in more depth that coffers exist in Clash Royale, what can be its content and how to obtain them. In addition, we will advance some trick to be able to control your cycle of rotation of coffers.

For starters, it is important to note that in Clash Royale there are up to 11 different types of coffers, although some of them are extremely common while others are virtually anecdotal (because of their lack of presence, not content). The contents of the coffers vary according to the sand in which the player is, improving as he improves his position of cups. However, these always maintain a same relative position being the wooden chest the “worst” chest and the supermágico the “best” regardless of the sand. Let’s look at the coffers one by one in greater detail.How to know the cycle of the coffers?

Second, it is important to keep some control over the safe cycle. Currently, according to the supercell itself, it has been confirmed that the cycle is made up of 240 coffers (once finalized, starts again) of which 180 are silver, 52 gold, 4 magicians and 4 giants. In addition, once exceeded the 400 glasses, every 500 coffers enters the cycle a supermagico safe. The same happens with the epic coffers from the 1000 glasses and with the legendary once they are over 2,000. The box of choice, for its part, appears at the end of the season only available to those players in competitive leagues.

A third interesting element is the probability of obtaining legendary in each vault. This varies according to the arena in which the player is, the legendary chest being the only one that does not, since there is always a 100% probability of obtaining.