Clash Royale Arenas

Clash Royale Arenas

Training Arena

This is the arena where the tutorial is developed.

Unlock the following cards: Arrows, Bomber, Gentleman, Archers, Mosquetera, Giant, Fireball, Mini Pekka, Prince, Baby Dragon, Skeleton Army and Witch.

Stadium duende is the first competitive arena with which we find ourselves in Clash Royale. It is automatically accessed at the end of the tutorial and left behind when exceeding 400 drinks. The silver coffers contain 3 common cards and the supermagical 180 cards (with a maximum of 36 special cards and 6 epic cards insured).

A Bone pit is accessed once exceeded the 400 drinks and is left behind with the achievement of 800 drinks. The contents of the silver coffers are increased by one more common card (4) and the supermagnetic coffers go to 243 cards (8 epic cards and 48 special insured cards).

A Barbarian Coliseum is accessed once exceeded the 800 drinks and is left behind with the attainment of 1100 drinks. Content increases in the same ratio (+1 card in silver to +63 in supermagnetic coffers).

Arena 4, Pekka Fort, is available to exceed 1100 drinks and, in addition to unlocking the common, special and unique cards that each new arena provides, unlock the first legendaries of the game.

Unlock the following cards: Tesla Tower, Horda of Minions, Infernal Tower, Montapuercos, Ice, Pekka, Lava Hound and Infernal Dragon.

Sand 5, the Valley of Spells, is available for over 1400 drinks. The increase of the contents of the coffers maintains the same logic as in the previous arenas. Again, we have at our disposal new legendary letters.

Unlock the following cards: Unload, Fire Spirits, Wizard, Oven, Mirror, Poison, Ice Wizard and Graveyard.

The builder’s workshop has access to the 1700 drinks and is abandoned after over 2,000 drinks. This allows us to access 3 new legendary cards.

Unlock the following cards: Mortar, Skeleton Balloons, Elixir Generator, Golem, Tornado, Sparks, Miner and Trunk.

The real sand opens its doors to us in the 2000 glasses and it is abandoned when exceeding the 2300 glasses. Among the unlockables troops appear 2 more legendary.

Unlock the following cards: Giant Noble, Elite Barbarians, Trio of Musketeers, MegaBoard, Dark Prince, Guards,

The icy peak begins to approach the most competitive sands of Clash Royale. The 2300 drinks are accessed and exceeded by 2600. Being one of the new incorporation sands (as the consequent ones), a smaller number of new cards is accessed in comparison to the previous arenas.

Unlock the following cards: Ice Spirit, Ice Golem, Raider, Clone, and Woodcutter.

This arena means an increase in 100 additional cups (from +300 to +400) for overcoming. Specifically, it ranks between 2600 and 3000.

Unlock the following cards: Elf Gang, Elf Fliers, Flying Machine, Executioner and Bandit.

Arena Montepuerco is once exceeded the 3,000 drinks. However, in order to access the next arena, they must surpass 3,800, being the sand that greater amplitude presents in all the game. This causes it to be, by far, the sand with the greatest temporal investment. Unlock the last 3 cards of the game (so far).

Unlock the following cards: Healing, Cannon with wheels and Megacaballero.

Unlike the other sands, the legendary arena does not unlock any additional cards