Chinese mall installs ‘husband storage’ pods for shopping wives

Many have wondered why department stores do not have special places to rest and entertain themselves while they wait, and it seems that in China they have found the solution with the so-called ‘Husband Storage Capsules’

A few days ago at the Global Harbor Mall in Shanghai, they released a solution for wives to leave their husbands while they shop: a husband storage. Well, the mall emphasizes that they are for husbands, although anyone can have access, the idea is to pass the time and have fun while you wait .

Each capsule has a chair, a 40-inch screen, a computer and a wide variety of classic video games from the old arcades , such as Tekken or Robocop. As you have already imagined, this idea has become a success.

Most of the comments are of surprise and joy, as many men mention that it is a great way to wait and travel to the past. On the other hand, some ask that air conditioning or some ventilation be added, because being locked in a glass cage with a computer for five minutes is not a very good idea due to the heat that accumulates.

According to the mall, the idea of ​​this type of capsules is to give an incentive to the husband to take his wife shopping and pay the bills, ie higher sales for the stores . Currently the service is free, but in the coming months each user must scan a QR code to make an activation payment through their smartphone, which will give them access to a wide catalog of video games and even the option to charge the mobile phone while they play.