BEWARE The NEW Drum Gun Nerf In Fortnite… (Fortnite New Update 9.01 – Season 9)

In this video today we're gonna be going over the first new update of Fortnite season 9, update 9.01. Ever since the drum gun was added into the game a few weeks ago, people have been really upset about the current state of Fortnite. Then, Epic decided to remove the pump at the beginning of the new season, and that only made things worse. It felt like there hadn't been a really awesome update for at least the last 1-2+ months, so Fortnite needed one in the worst way. And let me just tell you, an awesome update is exactly what 9.01 is. This is the first update in a while where I honestly think every single change they made was positive one. We got a brand new weapon named the tactical assault rifle that's actually very unique and interesting, major changes to the drum gun and compact smg which are some of the biggest enablers of the spray and pray meta, a nerf to ballers, and some other important quality of life changes to slipstreams. Now, there is some debate on exactly HOW impactful some of these positive changes are going to be, but you'll understand what I mean by that once we get to it. So I hope you guys enjoy this video! #Fortnite #FortniteSeason9 #FortniteUpdate #FortniteNewUpdate #FortniteNewWeapon #FortniteDrumGun #FortniteBattleRoyale #ControllerFortnite SUBSCRIBE: My Social Media:
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